Monday, July 6, 2015

Umm...Can't think of a subject line this week

Hey guys! How are things? I had a much better week here, I suppose. But I'll get to that. Sounds like you all had fun at the family reunion, even though it was really short. Haha I enjoyed the bumper boat pics too! It looked fun. And I guess next year I'll be getting back right after the next one, unfortunately. Whatever. And Amaya and Charlie got back from their honeymoon? Send me pics! Or at least the few you did get. And where are you guys living now anyway? Close to BYU or something? Mom mentioned apartment but didn't say where. So... Yeah. And Kyla's off to EFY? Have tons of fun! That was a fun week. Haha that reminds me... I've probably listened to way more EFY music on the mission than I ever did at or after EFY. But good luck Kyla. You'll enjoy it. And Mom and Dad are teaching Primary? You guys told me you got a new calling but you didn't tell me what it was... That's exciting :) Those Mathie kids are crazy... Good luck. 

So, first of all, WE GOT OUR BIKES BACK! Finally. Wednesday, being the beginning of the new month, we got our money, so we immediately went and bought a bike tire. I was really really happy. Cause last week was kind of dreadful, to be honest. I don't like not being able to visit any of my investigators. And we finally could do that this week. Still didn't have a lot of lessons or anything, but we could at least visit some people. We've almost finished teaching all the lessons to the 9 year old non member girl of the less active family we've been teaching. It was frustrating not being able to visit them last week, cause they live REALLY far away. It's also frustrating because they haven't been able to make it to church this whole transfer, and she can't get baptized until they're active because of her age. So, prayers would be appreciated for the familia Bravo and their daughter Eloisa. They need to come to church! 

Saturday was interesting. It was the final of the Copa America, or the soccer final for all of South America, and Argentina made it to the finals. So logically, this makes all of Argentina really crazy, so on Saturday after our zone meeting we had to stay in our pension the whole day. It was kind of boring. I still haven't even asked anyone who won. So that made for an interesting saturday. At least we bought ice cream. 

And... Not really sure what else to say for this week, so I'll be writing next week! With hopefully some exciting transfer call news! This transfer flew by... Holy crap. Anyway, see ya'll!

Elder Bingham

Two pictures that the Hermana Workman just gave me. Enjoy. 

We went to the indian head thing again for p-day last week... Here's the pics. 

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