Monday, July 13, 2015

So, I'm pretty much a prophet

Hey family! Are things finally more tranquilo over there? Sounds like all the wedding chaos is finally cooling off. Looks like you guys had a fun week. Kyla got to go to EFY! That's fun stuff! Glad to hear you had fun and also about all the cool spiritual experiences you had over there. Try and remember that stuff. Your guys' FHE sounded fun! I liked the pics. Sounds like you guys are doing a lot of fun things actually... I didn't even know you guys were going to Lake Powell next week! JEALOUS. Did we do this many fun things last summer? I can't even remember any more. Anyway, hope everything's tranquilo over there. 

So, getting to the subject line: it's really not as apostate as it sounds. So about 2 weeks ago I had a dream that scared me a little bit. It involved me in the mission offices... Working with the financial secretary. And for this whole transfer after that I've kind of been scared that I'd go to the offices next transfer as the financiero. I even mentioned this to President Goates in interviews next week, which might have been a bad idea. Cause guess what? I'M GETTING TRANSFERRED! To the offices! As the financiero! Not even kidding! Looks like I know where I'm going to be for the next six months... Doing finances for the entire mission. Kind of a depressing thought. More or less. Not that the offices don't have their perks, but still. I'm not going to be doing very much proselyting for the next six months, it looks like. This actually changes many things: First, my pdays are now going to be on Saturday. So I get to write you again this week. Second, this will actually make it a lot easier to go and get Mom's package. Third, well, just to tell you: my comp is Elder Mortensen, who's the financiero right now. He'll be training me. Fourth, I'll be in the offices like all the time with like 6 elders like every day. I'll probably be seeing President a lot more as well. And... That's all I can think of right now. I'll be sure to tell you guys all about my first few days in the offices on Saturday. And kind of a scary thought: I've heard that messing with the church's money is one of the fastest ways to get excommunicated in the church. Not that I'll be doing that, but I hopefully I don't have to many problems moving the church's money around. So yeah... Life's going to be great these next 6 months. 

At least I had a great last week here in Pocito! The familia Bravo finally came to church this Sunday, even though only 12 other people including us came this week. 15 in attendance this week. Awesome. Anyway, besides that: we had a few cool milagros this week I suppose. We had entrevistas this week, as I mentioned, but while we were there the assistants gave a really cool training on doing our daily planning. I realized I've been doing it wrong my whole mission! We started using Preach my Gospel a lot in our daily planning, and our planning just seems to work so much better! Our plans usually end up working out when we do it the way the Lord wants us to, I suppose. Not a lot of really specific milagros, but just our plans seemed to work a lot better this week. It was kind of cool. I think I finished my time in Pocito well. I just hope that the familia Bravo keeps coming to church so that Eloisa gets baptized! 

Well, I won't tell you guys too much more, so I have things to write about on Saturday. I'll talk to you guys then!

Elder Bingham

Another spray foam war! This is pday last week. A lot of fun... Again.

Dead dog! Probably the most dog gore I've ever seen in my life... Enjoy.

A little view from the middle of nowhere: Pocito. You will be missed.

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