Thursday, July 30, 2015

The elbow...

We received a couple of mid week correspondences from Bryce this week about his elbow injury from his p-day soccer game. The first letter is in response to questions from his dad and then the last one is after he went to the doctor on Monday...

Sunday's letter:
To answer your questions: 

1) Range of motion: Not great. It won't straighten all the way, and I can't bend it all the way to my arm either. It's just sitting in a sling right now, and that's the most comfortable position. I can twist my forearm though fairly easily.

2) It only really hurts when I try extending it out all the way or bending it all the way. When it's bent half way it's fine, like how it is in the sling. 

3) It doesn't look too weird, from what I can tell. Just swollen. The reason I thought it was dislocated is because it felt like it just had to get popped back into place and it would feel a lot better. I think. I'm not sure. 

Hermana Warner (the nurse) has got me on ibuprofen and we're just icing my arm right now, but we're going to wait until Monday to decide if we need to make a trip to the hospital or not. But yeah, that's about it. Let me know what you think! 

Also on another side note, my comp Elder Mortensen has strep, as of yesterday. So basically right now we're pretty useless. Haha. 

Tuesday's letter:
Alright... Got the x-ray. Looks like nothing bad at all, the doctor said my elbow's just inflamed right now. And I'm already feeling a better range of motion, hopefully by Saturday it feels fine cause we're going to go golfing for p-day! Hopefully. Here's the x-ray results too:

So I'm not like a professional doctor or anything, but I think it's pretty normal. Let me know if it's not normal... I guess. 

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