Saturday, August 1, 2015

So...My elbow is fine

Hey family! First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! I maybe should have said this in my letter last week, but I couldn't really decide which week would have been better. I now wish I would have said it last week, cause it's been on my mind FOREVER! So happy birthday! I hope it was just splendid! I want to try this Samoa cheesecake... Cheesecake itself is a luxury down here. I think I've only had it once, which was a miracle in itself.  Anyway, hope your big 50 was great! Sounds like you guys had a good week though. It's weird that we're already in August.. School's going to be starting soon then. And then I'll be like halfway through my mission! That's crazy. I don't feel like I've been out here that long. And it's even weirder to think that once I leave the offices I'll have like 15 months in the mission. Well, enough of that. I'm getting bored talking about this. 

So yeah... My elbow is fine. Just so ya'll know. It was just inflamed/swollen, which was restricting movement. That's all. But today it feels completely normal again, with no movement problems. It was really great, cause we went and played some golf! It was a blast! It was WAY expensive too, but way worth it. We just went to the driving range and hit like 4 buckets of balls, and then did some putting for awhile. It wasn't a bad golf course either... I was expecting worse honestly. I mean, it's the middle of winter here so the grass really isn't that green, but it was decent. I hit some solid shots today too. And we're probably playing some more soccer later, so hopefully I don't fall really hard and hurt my elbow again. 

Answers to questions: International driving permit. Still hasn't come, but that could be because we only go and check the mail like every once in awhile. When we went and got mail on Tuesday it wasn't there... Which is only like a weekish after you sent it, so we're probably still fine. The other package thing hasn't got here yet either. I hope the driving permit comes soon though, cause I want to learn stick shift! I've already learned how to do a Rubiks cube while being here in the offices, so let's get on with the harder stuff! 

Well, to tell you guys a little about the week. Being in the offices is kind of fun/stressful on the last weeks of the month. For the financiero at least. It's fun cause the week at the end of the month all the zone leaders and sister training leaders in the mission come up here to the offices for consejo, or just the big meeting with President and the asistants. And so I get to see a bunch of people I know and meet a bunch of other cool people. Unfortunately, all these cool zone leaders/hermanas like to bring reimbursements and stuff from all the people in their zones, which gives me a lot of work to do. That part isn't very fun. The other stressful part about being financiero is having to figure out everybody's rent costs for the next month, and making sure they get their monthly allowance. It worked out all right, but I was very busy this week. We haven't had a whole lot of time for teaching this week, unfortunately. But I hope I can remember how to do this stuff when Elder Mortensen leaves. I'm pretty sure I have the hardest job in the office. 

Well, that's about it. Except for one more quick story! It's about my x-rays... It's kind of funny. So when I went and got my x-ray on tuesday the doctor guy has me stick my elbow out under the x-ray, obviously. It was kind of an awkward position though, cause I was sitting up on this tall stool so I was way slunched over. And I almost photo-bombed my own x-ray, with my head! That might have killed me, or at least given me a really bad headache, but the doctor guy saved me and got my head out of the way. Also, here in Argentina, they must not care a lot about my future children very much, cause they didn't even cover me up with the giant lead blanket over certain parts of my body. I think I'm fine... I guess I'll find out later. ALSO, when the x-ray was done, the guy told me to just go wait outside, but just kind of left me there in the room. And I kind of forgot my way out, so I opened up the door that I thought was the exit, and SURPRISE! It's a tiny closet with a lady in there, and I'm 90% sure that she had just gotten done changing clothes, cause she was wearing this weird hospital pillow case thing for a shirt. It was WAY awkward... I'm just like "This doesn't seem like it's the right door..." and I quickly ran out. Like I said. WAY awkward. 

I hope that made you laugh. But I'll talk to ya'll next week!

Elder Bingham
Stuff that just happens in the offices... Who knew that you could make your mouth look like this by inflating your cheeks on a window? That's Elder Benedict. 

That's me... Swingin' away.

Nice pic of Elder Mortensen.. He was probably the only one of us who actually looked like a real golfer. 

Golf! Group pic. From top: Me, E' Solomon, E' Mortensen, E' Lawrence, E' Benedict, E' Child, E' Vallecillo. 

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