Saturday, August 8, 2015


Hey guys! Did someone say SCHOOL IS STARTING ALREADY? Geez! That makes me feel like I've been out here forever! Actually in two more weeks I'll hit 11 months... So I guess I have been out here for almost forever. Anyway, school's starting. I thought someone told me that Jayson wasn't doing choir? I guess Mr. Bills changed his mind? I guess if it gives you an excuse to buy a new suit, why not? Now you guys are going to get super lucky and Jayson will get his mission call to somewhere like Africa where they don't have to wear suits at all. That would be funny. That would mean I could just steal the suits when I get back! Since Jayson's stealing all of my clothes anyway. Jerk. When does school actually start exactly? I'm curious. 

So Mom... Speaking of mail. I got my driving permit! No signs of the package though. Cause Argentina's mail system is dumb. We actually did go and get it on Tuesday, right when it arrived. And now I'm driving. But it's actually not all it's cracked up to be. In fact it's actually like WAY stressful. If you guys remember anything about Costa Rica, the drivers here are basically the same as there. Except wait! I'm literally driving in the big city. I've never had this kind of driving experience before... Even SLC isn't like this. For one, I really hate one-lane roads. They can make getting to places really complicated. Plus, there is also never stop signs here basically. On all the main roads there's stop lights and stop signs, but on all the tiny streets that aren't on the main roads there is never anything. Literally every intersection I have to slow down a little bit to make sure that no crazy Argentine is about to speed right through. It's annoying. I will never live in the big city in my life. At least out of my own free will. I can tell you that. And soon I'll be starting to learn how to drive stick shift... Luckily our two Toyota Corollas are automatic. But the truck is stick shift, and if I ever want to go on crazy road trips with the pensionista to fix up people's apartments, I'll probably have to know stick shift.  Elder Mortensen will probably be teaching me this week. We already only have like 2 weeks together. This transfer is flying by. 

Oh. Other side note: About the mission blog. Back in January was when our last nurse left, and she was the one in charge of the blog. And we as normal missionaries apparently don't have permission to do the blog. I think the area seventy set that rule, so I'm not going to argue that one. So, if one of the matrimonio missionaries decides to keep doing the blog, they will hopefully update it. But right now I don't think any of them are very tech savvy.... So it's a little bit of a stretch. 

Anyway, this week was good besides that. We've finally finished up getting everyone's monthly rent taken care of. That was a lot of work. We were doing that like all this week. But now that's done, so this week is going to be pretty tranquilo. We should be pretty free this week to get out and get some more work done. Like REAL missionary work. 

We did have a good experience with that though, speaking of missionary work. We don't get these opportunities very often, so the ones we do have I usually remember pretty well. So we're teaching this investigator Ariel (honestly about our only investigator). He's this guy who smokes and drinks and has lots of kids, but he's really a pretty good guy. But there's a lot of problems going on in the house right now. His wife is absolutely crazy apparently, and she's spreading all kinds of bad rumors about him and stuff, and she's basically abandoned him to take care of the kids alone. So, he's got a lot of problems. And without fail EVERY time we visit him he tells us about all the problems he's having. He doesn't really understand why all these things are happening, when he didn't really have anything to do with it. On Thursday we had a really intense lesson with him. After him basically complaining to us for 15 minutes about all of his problems he was interrupted by a phone call from his work, which was actually a huge blessing for us. We took the opportunity to pray silently to figure out how to respond to him, and a scripture passage came to me, D&C 121. That's where Joseph Smith is in jail and all the saints are suffering, and the Lord gives him that awesome answer to his prayer that's something like "these things will be just a small moment, and if ye endure it well, ye shall be exalted on high...." something like that in English. And it just worked so awesomely! And Elder Mortensen made it even better by relating it to the plan of salvation and how the best way to endure these trials is with the teachings of the gospel, and that we can be happy through our trials if we live the commandments and stuff. I'm hoping it got to Ariel. Anyway, cool story! We're praying for Ariel.

Wishing best of luck to Hailey this week as she goes into the MTC! That's ridiculous! Let the planking war begin!

Anyway, hope you all have a groovy week! Love you all!

Elder Bingham

Some cool graffiti art we found pretty close to the offices today! It's way huge too, one of the pictures has me and Elder Mortensen standing in front of it, so you guys can see the comparison. Way cool!

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