Saturday, August 15, 2015

My-Poo Pants!

Hey everyone! Getting ready for school and stuff now? That's weird. I'm just getting ready for, well, I don't know. Transfers are coming up soon! Not that that means anything special for me, just that Elder Mortensen is leaving the office. I'm glad you guys enjoyed the last week of summer. It's been like forever since I've been to Park City, I was kind of jealous about that. And also the Hell's Backbone thing Dad and Jayson are doing... Sounds fun. I want pics! By the way, congratulations to Jayson for getting his patriarchal blessing! It's about time! Just kidding, I got mine way late too. I should read mine again... I used to read it quite frequently but I haven't since I've gotten to the offices. I will get on that :) 

And congrats to Hailey for starting her mission! That's way exciting! Personally Mom, cinnamon rolls sound great :) Also I really enjoyed that carmel/cheddar popcorn stuff... It reminded me a lot about Grandma's house! 

Anyway, what happened this week? Honestly not much... It was a pretty tranquilo week. A few weird things happened, I suppose. On Tuesday our day suddenly got very busy. I don't know if you guys ever heard about the sister missionary that died serving in Resistencia Argentina a few months ago. She died from ecoli. Kind of way sad. But anyway, her family decided to come visit Argentina/Chile, cause one of them also served in Chile. But they were in the Mendoza terminal and the mountain pass to Chile got snowed in, preventing their bus from leaving. So they were stuck in the terminal for a very long time. Finally President Goates heard about it and went and picked them up with one of the matrimonio missionaries, cause there's like 7 of them. And they were all going to stay in President's house overnight, so we got called on to go move a bunch of mattresses and sleeping stuff to President's house for the night. It was fun. They were a way cool family! And they all seemed way happy, in spite of their daughter recently dying. Sounds like a way hard thing to me, but just goes to show the happiness that the gospel brings! We also had to go help reimburse their bus tickets and carry them to the airport at the buttcrack of dawn, which ended up being way complicated, but it was great to help them out. 

We found a new investigator this week, and he's way DOPE! He's this guy called Alexis, about 20ish years old, lives by himself, seems slightly better off than most people, and he speaks WAY good English! Right off the bat basically he told us he wanted us to talk to him in English, which was honestly way weird. I was stumbling through phrases in English figuring out how to talk "gospel spanish" in English, which sometimes translates really weird. But he understood really well! And he talked to us in really good English as well, with good grammar and stuff and a decent accent. Apparently he learned basically all his English when he spent 6 months in Turkey? Weird, but whatever. It was a great lesson as well, we just introduced him to what we do as missionaries and shared a scripture with him cause we didn't have a lot of time. But I hope he turns out. Ariel is doing pretty well this week as well. He's got like 4 attendances to church, which is way good. We just need him to quit smoking and drinking.... Praying for him. 

Maybe I should explain the title of the email before I end? I thought it was clever. So there's zone/city in the mission that's close to Mendoza that's called Maipú. Pronounced My-poo. I've always wanted to go there, just so I can tell everyone that I finally got to see my-poo! And I drove there like 3 times this week. So now I can say that. "I FINALLY GOT TO SEE MY-POO!" 

And the pants part? There's this kind of pants here in Argentina that basically all the gangster guys where. And can you guess what they're called? Poo-pants. I'll send pictures, cause I found a really awesome pair of poo-pants. They're basically sweat pants, but they've got a really low inseam (like low enough you could poop in them and hold it there and nobody would ever know, unless they smelt it of course) and they've also got a ridiculous number of pockets on them. I told myself that I had to get them eventually, because it's something I can wear in the states and everyone will just be like "WHAT IN THE HECK ARE YOU WEARING?????????????" So yeah... I bought them. I told myself I wasn't going to buy them right now because I don't have a lot of money, but I couldn't resist. Maybe don't send me any more money for a while Dad, on second thought, cause I don't think I actually want to buy anything for awhile now. 

Anyway, enough of my-poo pants. I was ranting a little bit. I hope everyone has a great last couple days of summer! See you next week!

Elder Bingham

Elevator to president's house selfie!

Poo-Pants! Me and the AP Elder Child both got them... We couldn't resist....

More Poo Pants

Elder Romero... I love this guy. I think he's the only office Elder I don't have a picture of. He's from El Salvador. He actually started the mission with me too!

Giant catholic church we found in Maipú... No pun intended
Another golf picture

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