Sunday, July 26, 2015

Another week in the office

Hey family! Sounds like you're all having fun down there in Lake Powell! Except WHY IS JAYSON WEARING MY CLOTHES? Not cool. I guess I will permit it, as long as you don't wear my tanktop with the Stormtrooper on a surfboard. Off limits, that is (Yoda voice). Anyway, looks fun. Glad to see that Amaya's wearing the Boca jersey too. AWESOME STORY! Going off track a little bit. We've been doing a lot of cleaning in the offices/our pension this week, and yesterday Elder Romero and Elder Solomon were cleaning out Elder Romero's office, and they found a SUPER DOPE jersey that they just gave me for free. I have no clue why, but I love it! It's like an original jersey (so normally it would be VERY expensive) from the team called Racing. I think I'm still going to be a River fan, but this Racing jersey almost made me change my mind. It's definitely my second favorite team here now. Anyway, looks like a lot of fun down there. I miss that place. I probably would have even gone fishing. Fishing always seems like way more fun at Lake Powell. 

Alright, I'll be honest: I can't hardly think of anything that happened this week. That's one down side of the offices. I mean, basically my whole job is just making sure missionaries get their money when the need it. And I guess I did that pretty well this week. Elder Mortensen is awesome, he's teaching me a lot. There were a few days this week though when he wasn't here, which was a little stressful. Elder Romero, the pensionista (he's in charge of all the apartments in the mission and making sure they have the stuff they need) had to go down WAY south, to the part of the mission called San Rafael, Alvear, and Malargüe. And Elder Romero can't drive, so when he has to travel to certain parts of the mission, he takes someone who can drive. I'm hoping I can be one of those people soon, once I learn how to drive stick shift. Anyway, he took Elder Mortensen this time, and they were gone for like 2 1/2 days. So I was by myself, which was a little stressful at times. Cause ya know, I've only got like a week and a half here. But, everything turned out alright. I think by the end of 6 weeks I'll have this down easy. 

Hmm... I'm struggling of what else to write. Maybe I'll introduce you to the rest of the Elders in the offices! I'll try to get a picture today too. We've got the asistentes, Elder Child (Utah) and Elder Vallecillo (Nicaragua); Elder Solomon (Utah) the historiador, he does all the baptismal records and stuff; Elder Romero (El Salvador) who I already explained; Elder Lawrence and Elder Benedict (both from Utah) the secretaries, me and Elder Mortensen obviously; and then the nurse and her husband, the Warners. I'll try to get pics. Another thing I need to tell you guys though: we're thinking about making t-shirts/jerseys for the offices. And I have no idea how much personal money I have right now. I just know I didn't have very much. But I really do want this t-shirt, it's going to be super dope. So let me know on that, por fis. 

I still haven't gotten the driving permit yet, but that might be because we haven't gone to get the mail yet. Hopefully I can start driving soon. 

Well, that's all I can think of to say. So I'll talk to ya'll next week!

Elder Bingham

We are finding all kinds of weird stuff in this deep cleanout we're doing. I don't know what me and Elder Solomon are wearing.... And that's Elder Warner in the middle. 

Ummmm... Self explanatory. Not sure why this happened.

check out my nasty bruise from soccer today! We've been playing like all day, and then this happened!

and also more battle wounds.... The bruise and the hand injury happened after falling really hard trying to stop a latin from scoring. I'm currently icing the hand, but I also think I dislocated my elbow. I'm typing this with one hand currently. But hey, there's that cool jersey I told you about! I'm still working on figuring out how to pop my elbow back into place. 

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