Saturday, July 18, 2015


Hey family! It's been like so long since I've written you guys... Like 5 days. I do kind of like this new p-day! Except now you guys have to write on a different day of the week if you don't want me to read what happened to you guys like a week ago. Anyway... So yeah. I guess not a lot's changed for you guys. It was fun getting like 2 letters this week. 

It was fun calling you guys though! I bet that was a surprise. It was for me too. We had like the most brilliant idea after you didn't answer the first time... I hung up too early. We were going to leave a message from me that just said "Hey Lynette, this is Bryce. Just give me a call back when you can." I think it would've been really funny. But then you answered the second time, so that idea failed. Anyway, so yeah. I've got to get an international driving permit now. As for the dates you need, I suppose the departure date would be whenever you send the permit, and the effective date put something in like a week or something, when it actually gets to me. I guess. So you'll have to lie just a teensy bit. And yeah, don't tell them you're forging my signature. Also send it by express mail so it gets here in like a week. But don't feel the need to do what Elder Benedict's parents did (the new secretary, and my comp next transfer) and spend like 100 dollars to get it shipped by the US directly to the office super quickly. The nice part is he's already got it, but it should get here just fine if you just mail it by express mail. So yeah, I'll be driving soon! I'm excited! And I'll get to learn to drive stick shift!

I'm learning a lot of interesting stuff in the offices, besides that. Like everyone here knows how to do a Rubiks cube too, so I'm learning that. And one of the biggest and most interesting things I've learned in the offices? THE CHURCH HAS GOT BIG MONEY. Like geez... I've only been here like three days and yesterday I took a 20,000 pesos to deposit in the bank, not to mention I'm like moving boat loads of money to like a ton of missionaries like every day. It's ridiculous. But I'm doing great! It's actually not as hard as I thought it would be, yet. And there are many perks to being in the offices, as I've already mentioned. To add some more, we have a WAY nice phone compared to everyone else in the mission, I have access to a computer every day, I get to meet all the missionaries coming through the offices, I get to talk to all the missionaries in the mission when they call me, and we basically never have to worry about being low on money. Well, maybe a little bit. I mean, we obviously can't just go on shopping sprees and pig out, but every week we get the money we need for the week, and stuff. I still don't understand everything about this whole system yet, but it's great. Plus right before I got here all the elders in the offices went and bought themselves memory foam pillows, so I'm sleeping like a champ. 

Alright, last story: So, we can't really get out and proselyte too much, because we don't have too much time. Lots of times we get stuck here in the offices until like 7ish. But yesterday we actually had a super great lesson! We contacted this guy like one of my first days here, and we set up an appointment for yesterday. He's REALLY poor. He literally lives in a partially constructed building, in this tiny little room that he's closed off to keep the heat in. Basically there's only room for his bed. That's literally it. Anyway, continuing. He lives on the second story of this building, and there's still only scaffolding on the building basically. We thought we were going to be climbing up, like he did, so we went to this part of the scaffolding where he told us to go. Little did we know we were standing on an elevator. Elder Mortensen (from Willard, UT, by the way) my comp started to climb when the little elevator started going up, and I had to like pull his legs out off of the scaffolding into the elevator when it started. He almost DIED. Or almost had his legs severely crushed. It turned out okay though. We laughed at the top. Anyway, we had a super great lesson with they guy. The first lesson too, so we taught about the Restoration, he was super receptive, and we even put a baptismal date super easily! August 15th. He was like "Yeah, I want to do it!" Or something like that. And he lives like 4 blocks from our office/chapel. So, he's like golden! Basically. And he doesn't even have problems with the word of wisdom or the law of chastity, from what we've been able to pick out. SO, who knew it would be possible to get a baptism in the offices? I'm having faith. This should be GREAT! 

So yeah, I'm having a lot of fun here I guess! Not nearly as bad as it sounded at first. I hope you guys just have an awesome week in Lake Powell and stuff!

Elder Bingham

Holding the sun in my hands! We went to the dam place again last p-day, with my old district. Many great photos to come.
Familia Bravo! I love this family. Eloisa the 9 year old girl we were teaching was unfortunately at her grandparents' house when we went to go say goodbye to them. Cause FUNNY STORY! They closed our area in Pocito, and just left the hermanas there. This happened on Tuesday, right before I left. And so we spent that whole day moving all the crap from our pension into the pension of the hermanas. And now the hermanas have the whole gigantic area of Pocito to themselves, on the bikes. I felt really bad about it, but they should be fine.
district pic! 

Plank! This is especially for Hailey, cause  I had a brilliant idea this week! Once you leave on the mission, we're going to start a planking war! 
another plank :)
The hermana Analia, who cooked for us like every day in Pocito. She's super awesome, I will miss her. 

Sermon on the mount? 
I've never held this much money in my life.
Posterity pic! This is Elder Trelease and Elder Mortensen. They're both super great! Elder Trelease is my grandpa financiero, and Mortensen would be my dad. 

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