Monday, June 29, 2015

WEDDING!!! Wut Wut

WAHOOOOO!!!!! Wedding! I'm so happy! I was really sad I couldn't be there, but you know. I'm a little far away right now. I was waiting like the whole week for the photos and stuff. By the way, could you send a wedding pic of the whole family? I'd imagine you took one, right? Like if you've got anything with all the Binghams and Ashcrofts in front of the temple or something. I wanted to go print one. All the other photos were really great too. I enjoyed the video of Amaya zip-lining... She would do something like that. Hahaha. I'm glad the wedding turned out alright, and the soft-serve ice cream machine. That sounded really fun. Anyway... Don't really know what else to comment about that. Looked really fun. Congratulations Amaya and Charlie! Have fun in California! Anyway, sounds like you guys had a great week over there. Wish I could've been there. 

So... This week was alright. Unfortunately, we were without our bikes for the whole week. And we still are. That photo I sent of Elder Ransom's bike tire getting robbed? Yeah... The mission still hasn't sent us money to go buy a new tire yet. It made for a very difficult week. We could hardly visit any of our families that we're teaching right now, cause they all live really far away. So, this week was spent knocking A LOT of doors. That was basically all we did, really. Not that that's a bad thing. I actually quite enjoyed this week. And we had success too! We found a lot of potential investigators that we're going to go back and contact this week. And we were even guided by the spirit to finding an less-active family that we didn't even know existed! It was kind of cool. I wouldn't go back and do this week again, but it turned out really well. I really hope we get our bike tire this week. My feet hurt. I don't enjoy walking very much anymore, after being on a bike for so long. 

On the fun side, on Saturday I went and donated blood! That might've been the most exciting part of this week. I felt completely fine afterwards, so you don't have to go worrying over me. Elder Ransom almost passed out on the bus ride back... haha. But we got to take a nice ciesta afterwards. Anyway... Don't really know what else to say about that. 

So, I think you're week was probably more exciting than mine. Hopefully this week is better, but send me more pics! I want them. Have a great week!

Elder Bingham

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