Monday, June 1, 2015

San Juan just got crazy

Hey family! ¿Cómo andan? We had a great week here... Sorry to hear that things over there weren't entirely super happy let's say. I'll be honest, the news of Grandpa Sherm did just put a damper on my day. A big one. That whole thing was kind of unexpected. But you know, I think I'll be fine. At least over email I can't get choked up or anything in front of you guys. But he's in a better place now, with his wife too. Grandma is in my prayers. I'm really sad I can't be there for the funeral. Send me the news next week, por favor. Anyway... Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! Thanks for that bit of news, I did enjoy that bit about Mom trying her hardest to hit every mud puddle on the 4-wheelers. 

We did have a good week here. Really good, I should say. I'd call 4 lessons with members and 4 new investigators an improvement. Things are looking up here. Not a lot of details really as far as that goes, just that we got transfer calls last night. And EVERYONE in the zone is leaving me! Basically. At least my whole district and a lot of other good friends I've got in the zone. They're leaving me alone in Pocito... My new comp is Elder Ransom. And we've got an Hermana that's training coming to Pocito too. I'll be honest... I hope I like this Elder Ransom. I met him once in Mendoza and he seemed to me REALLY weird. He's kind of got a weird face too... Like the face just makes you think he's a weird guy. I'm trying not to judge. Don't judge me for judging please. At least he's norteamericano.. That'll be a nice change. We're actually joining our district with another one this transfer, so no changes as far as liderazgo here. But this transfer should be really good. I think we're going to have a baptism this transfer. We've been in the process of reactivating this familia Bravo these last few transfers and they've got a 9 year old daughter Eloisa (that makes her count as an investigator) that wants to get baptized. And they want her to get baptized. We've been working hard with them, and the Branch President says that he doesn't want Eloisa to get baptized until the parents are reactive. Well just recently, both parents have received callings, so this transfer we should be able to put a baptismal date finally for Eloisa and get her dunked! Yeah! And the Hermanas should be having a baptism too. So this transfer should be good. I just hope I don't have a weird comp. 

That's about it! Thanks for the letters and thanks for the news... Grandma is in my prayers. I think I should be fine here. Have a great week!

Elder Bingham

San Juan

San Juan

San Juan

san juan selfie! I just really loved this pic. We found this tower thing with a nice view of san juan

bowling! We did this for p-day this week and last week... Really ghetto but it was super fun. all the pins are attached to strings and yeah... I won though!

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