Monday, June 15, 2015

Lots of meetings and stuff

Hey family! Glad you guys enjoyed your week. It's weird to think it's summer over there, and I'm here freezing my butt off. Alright, not really. It's only cold in the mornings and at night, and then it's so hot in the middle of the day that I have to take off all of the extra layers I put on that morning. I don't like San Juan winter. I'm kind of jealous of all the boating/vacation/summer pics. I enjoyed the story of Dad getting a good nosebleed from Andrea Findlay's foot... HAHA. Why is it that the ward is just now starting to do ridiculously fun scout camps/girls camps like this? I would have loved to go Lake Powell for my scout camp. Whatever... ya fue. Anyway, try to go boating more this summer. I think we went like what, 2 or 3 times last summer? So, disfruten su verano. I, on the other hand, will be here. Riding a bike. It's cool. 

So yeah... This week was very full of things that weren't actually teaching people. I think I've had a week like this before that I've told you about. Last Monday was p-day, obviously, and we all got together as a zone and had an asado, played soccer, and played a giant game of Signs. I have to admit... Both times I've played it here it's been a lot more fun than when we try it sometimes at Ashcroft reunions. Speaking of which, when and where is that this year? Anyway, Wednesday was zone meeting, and since we live so far away that went from like the whole morning to 4ish. Friday we went to San Juan centro again to get a familysearch training thing from the genius Hermana missionary that's over there in the stake center. We have to do that this Friday too. And then Saturday we came to centro again in the evening for the adult session of stake conference, and stayed the night with the zone leaders so that we could get there on time on Sunday morning for the general session. Elder Jorge Romeu from the seventy (not sure if he's from the actual seventy or if he's an area seventy) came and spoke about that worldwide leadership training thing that Dad told me about, which is bascially improving our Sabbath Day worship. (Fun fact: Elder Jorge Romeu is from San Juan!) So we finally got all that information that Dad told me about like a month ago. It was interesting, and I'm excited to see what happens in Pocito when we start implementing this stuff. But, there ya go. I kind of felt like there wasn't much time to work this week. Plus we have zone conference this week too, so this week is almost going to be just as busy. But, lots of great things learned this week at least. I'm looking forward to applying some of these things in the weeks to come. 

Love you all! I will be talking to you next week......... Probably............

Elder Bingham

I didn't take a lot of pictures this week. This is when I went with Elder Inca to say goodbye to Hermana Analia, who's our chef! She cooks lunch like every day for us. She's the coolest. 

This also took up a big chunk of time one day this week... Trying to fix the bike. We found out Elder Ransom's back wheel had somehow bent so the brake was rubbing reallly bad. I basically did everything myself, as you can probably see with the dirty hands. I'm going to be a bike genius when I get home.

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