Monday, June 22, 2015


Hey people! How was your week? That's CRAZY that Amaya's getting married this week! BLAH! Good luck with everything... At least I don't have to be there for that drama. I liked the cardboard cutout.... But is there anyway you could make a better looking tie? You were right. It's pretty ugly. How did George Bush ever wear that as president? Anyway... Oh! And Happy Father's day! Wahoo! For some reason Argentina celebrates Father's day on the same day as the US but they have their Mother's day in October. So since I don't get to skype you guys for father's day, we decided to party instead. We made a nice lunch yesterday. Pictures to come. Haha. I think you'll enjoy. 

So... bueno. This week was actually a lot like last week. But better! Cause we had some end of week miracles. Tuesday we had zone conference that took up the whole day, more family history training, and a baptism! Surprise! Actually not our baptism, but the Hermanas'. But we share the rama with them, so we were helping the whole day. And I actually had the opportunity to baptize their investigator! Her name's Karina. She's kind of scary looking.. She's got really BIG eyes. And she's a little big, honestly. It was a little difficult lifting her out of the water. But it was a great experience! We spent like the whole day getting everything ready, doing stuff like cleaning up the chapel, figuring out how the drain works for the baptismal font, and stuff like that. We never did figure out how to use the drain by the way, so we had to drain the whole thing with buckets. That took about an extra hour after the baptism. It was actually really fun. I have pictures of that too. 

And then Sunday was cool too! I'll make another paragraph for this. So we really had like no lessons this week again (I think 2 in total... It was rough), and yesterday we went out to work without like any citas. We were just planning on knocking doors and stuff. And we had to walk REALLY far too, because funny story: One of Elder Ransom's bike tires got robbed! Like really! Just one tire! I'm still having trouble comprehending why someone would only rob one bike wheel. We had them locked behind our fence in front of our pension, and someone during the night decided to pull the bike up to the fence, unscrew the front wheel off of his bike, and slide it through the bars. Kind of stupid. But now we're without bikes. Anyway... ya fue. So walk for like 40 minutes out to some neighborhood and knock a door. Nobody answers. We're about to walk away and then this car pulls up to the house. Super awkward right? We're like "Oh... I think that's them." And we go talk to them. We're like "Is this your house?" And they're like "Yep!" And we're like "Oh, well, we're missionaries." And then they're like "Oh cool! Hang on a sec we'll go open the door." And then they did. And now we have 5 new investigators. They had all sorts of questions and everything, they were really fun to talk to, and even made us hot chocolate! So... Milagro? I think yes. We'll see what happens this week. 

Anyway, this letter's getting long. Hope you all have a fantastic week, free of stress, full of exciting stuff like a wedding! Good luck Amaya and Charlie! I'm super excited for you guys. Have a great week!

Elder Bingham

Bautismo! Here ya go. I believe I basically told you everything about it in the letter already.

Happy father's day! ¿Le gusta?
This is after we got finished emptying out the baptismal font... We got really wet. And I enjoyed this picture a lot.

I think there's a snake in the rama... I found this in my bag the other day. I'm a little scared. 

The aftermath of the bike robbery. I'm still confused as to why someone would only want to steal one bike wheel. 

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