Monday, June 8, 2015

Crazy week?

Hey guys! You guys had a crazy week too? Well, I don't think my week was quite as crazy as yours, but close enough. I like how Mom and Dad usually have close to the same subject lines in their emails. It's happened a lot actually. That was like a picture overload though! I liked them a lot! My older sister looks freaking BEAUTIFUL in her bridal dress! Oh, and Charlie looks great too :) I kind of forgot that was coming up so soon... Wasn't exactly expecting those pics already. And then everything else that went on this week too, like the temple dedication/cultural celebration, (I did find Jayson in that picture Mom, he kind of has a classic Jayson face haha) the other wedding (CONGRATS BRANDON AND KATY! WAHOO!), and the pics from the funeral were great too. I was sad I couldn't be there for all of those things, and I get the feeling I'm going to be saying the same thing once Amaya and Charlie finally get married. But you know, I get to enjoy all the crazy stuff about Argentina, and you guys don't, so haha. 

Alright, this week wasn't THAT crazy. Just a new comp and everything that comes with that. Se llama Elder Ransom, as I already told you guys. He's from California, has about 15 months in the mission, and he's an interesting character. I was partially right about what I said last week about him being a little bit weird, but hey. The mission makes us all weird I guess. He likes to sing stuff a lot, he always has movie quotes and song lyrics in his head, and sings anything from hymns to High School Musical (seriously) to I guess what we'd call normal songs. And he talks a lot. Sometimes I'm not really sure exactly how to respond to the stuff he says. But we have fun. It's a nice change having a gringo in the pension, I'm speaking a lot of Spanglish. Like A LOT. I need to stop or my Spanish is going to get worse... Haha. And plus, not exactly sure why, and it's not completely true for everyone, it seems like gringos work harder. With Latins sometimes you don't as much, but this week I've had all the motivation to go and work my butt off. I've really noticed that I'm actually a lot happier when I do, even though I'm exhausted all the time. But yeah, it's a nice change. 

Not to mention that there's also two new Hermanas here in Pocito, so this week I've basically been giving a tour of the whole place to Elder Ransom and the Hermanas. I kind of like it! Maybe I'll be a tour guide some day. The Hermanas are cool at least, and really fun. We've now got Hermana Workman from Ogden, Utah training Hermana Gonzalez from Lima, Perú. It's been a good week. We've been working our tails off, and like I said last week, we should be having a baptism this transfer for sure. So I'm excited. 

Alright, so my week wasn't that crazy. You guys topped me on that one. I hope this week is a little more tranquilo for you guys. Have a great week!

Elder Bingham 

last pic of the old Pocito district... going to miss these guys.

Comp reunion! Elder Clarke and Elder Villatoro came to San Juan this transfer! Got to see them at the terminal. Unfortunately they're in the other zone, but I get to see them in zone conference and stuff. Plus Elder Clarke is going to where I started the mission, Caucete! I was so happy for him.

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