Monday, May 25, 2015

A much better week

So.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AMAYA! You're like 21 years old! Don't worry Mom, you didn't have to remind me about that. I've had my calendar in front of my face during my studies for about a month now... So that wasn't to hard to remember. Hope your day is super spiffy. And I hope it's a lot warmer than it is here... I woke up FREEZING this morning. I'm wearing my thermals, gloves, a scarf, and a new jacket I bought recently, if you guys didn't already notice. I forgot to tell you guys I bought that... It was about 600 pesos, or 60 bucks more or less. Anyway... So school's finishing up. Looks like Jayson's breaking the choir streak in the family. And I was under the impression from Jayson last week that he already got his job? But Mom didn't sound to sure... so now I'm confused. Hope Grandpa Sherm gets better soon. They're in my prayers! I did get the picture of the hail too... I thought it was snow. That's weird. Hope you guys are still getting water. 

So... Yeah! It was a much better week this week. It seems our patience has payed off. We were blessed for sure this week. It didn't seem like anything changed really this week, but people were home this week! We didn't do anything too different on our part, we just kind of got lucky. Or blessed, I guess I should say. But we had like 10ish more lessons than we've had than the past weeks, which was awesome. We found a couple news too. But.. yeah! Not a lot of specific news besides that, but I was really grateful for the blessings we received this week. We didn't have to wander around on our bikes looking for doors to knock or search for less-actives within a 2 kilometer radius. It was a nice change. 

We did kind of have a fun experience this week though. So 2 weeks ago we did splits with the zone leaders and while Elder Inca was with the other zone leader they met up with the second counselor in the stake presidency and he invited all of us to his house for Saturday to do some service and to cook some Peruvian food, cause he's got a son in Perú on a mission. So we all went over there on Saturday and ate some arroz chaufa (basically fried rice) with wontons. I guess Peruvians like Chinese food. It was kind of fun. I've got some pics I'll probably be sending. 

And... This letter looks shorter than usual, so I'll share with you guys a little taste of Pocito. In the words of Hermana Harris, in our district, it's basically the Office (that TV show) of Argentina. We've got all kinds of weird members here. For example yesterday, in church. We've got this member named Oscar Arnaez, who's kind of a doctrine fanatic and he can talk about ANYTHING. I think, when he picks something to talk about, tries to see how far away from the subject he can get before bringing it back. So, in his talk on Sunday, about tithing, starts with a scripture. He shares the story of when Jesus calms the tempest and then in the next chapter when he casts out the demons into all those pigs. And then he says: "And what does this have to do with tithing?" I honestly still don't know... I lost my head after that. Well, not really, but I couldn't focus after that. So there's a little taster of Pocito. Hope you laughed a little bit. 

That's about it! Once again, hope Amaya has a super groovy birthday! Have an awesome week!

Elder Bingham

making arroz chaufa and wontons! 

So we found this odd clothing in the zone leader's pension.... No idea how it got there. 
Guess I'm an Hermana now. 

This is what is called the esequia. Basically the canal/gutter/trashcan. Yes, they do transport water in these. You'll find this on every street in Argentina, and in the summer you'll commonly find dogs swimming in these. There's another taster of Argentina. Enjoy.

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