Monday, May 18, 2015


Hey guys! So... Sounds like you guys had some exciting/crazy news at home this week. First of all, Jayson! Thanks for not going blind, that sounds like some crazy stuff. Hope that all gets better soon. Glad to hear that you guys got a little rain. I had heard that Utah's water this year was looking bad, but I didn't know it was that bad. Oh, and Mom: I actually didn't get that photo you said you sent. And that news from Dad about the worldwide leadership meeting seemed pretty interesting. I personally would enjoy that more here sometimes. Some days I feel like we lack that in Pocito, honestly. We'll see what they end up doing here. I kind of like the idea. And I hope Grandma and Grandpa Sherm are doing well. Hopefully he gets better soon... They're in my prayers!

SO.... What to count you guys this week? (Weird spanish translation to English...) I guess I can start with the temple dedication! That was pretty cool. We were basically in the stake center all day yesterday, for almost all the sessions. During the second one all the Elders were in the Zone Leader's pension eating lunch. But President Uchtdorf came with Elder Christofferson, which was interesting. Elder Christofferson speaks like perfect Spanish, by the way. (Other trivia note... Elder Christofferson served in the Argentina North mission, which includes Córdoba and Mendoza I believe, and Elder Richard G. Scott was one of his mission presidents) President Uchtdorf attempted a few lines in Spanish, which was kind of funny. He actually read Spanish pretty well, but he had a translator for basically all of it. Haha when they were doing that sealing the stone ceremony (don't remember what it's called in English) and he called the kids up the translator made a kind of funny translation. President Uchtdorf was like "Oh! They're taking a short cut." And the translator's like "Oh, they've got a short haircut." That was kind of funny. It was a great opportunity though. It's a real blessing for Argentina to have another temple now. Buenos Aires is a little far for people in my mission.

As far as the rest of the week goes... A little frustrating to be honest. I'm trying not to be frustrated, but we're having a real hard time finding new investigators. This week we spent knocking doors, leaving unprogressing investigators, and exploring Pocito trying to find less-actives we had in our directory, with really unspecific addresses like "On the calle Aberastain, between calle 14 and 15," and the distance between those two streets is like 2 kilometers. I think. And most of the less-actives we "found" we either didn't find because they don't live there or they didn't want anything to do with the church. We're still working on this less-active initiative, but things have honestly been a little slow lately. Prayers would be appreciated, I suppose.

That's about it though! We're already on week 5 of this transfer, which is CRAZY. Time flies. I get the feeling that transfer calls in two weeks are going to be super weird. We'll see what happens. But hope you all have a rain-full happy week!

Elder Bingham

I'm here in Cyber working on FamilySearch stuff and I remembered that my computer didn't want to send pictures very much on Monday so here's some real quick:

this was some of our p-day two weeks ago... We actually had a water balloon fight after which was really funny. 
I'll see if I can send a video too.

So I was really in the mood for Chinese food, and came up with this brilliant idea! 
WONTONS! I miss Chinese food a lot. 

I only recently became aware that you can find Nutella in Argentina! It's a little expensive, 
but I will be going to find some soon. Thank you ZL Elder Cuessy for making me aware of this such great thing. 

this was our p-day this week! Sorry for the bad quality, I'm trying to get a new one from somebody else. But we had a guerra de spuma, or basically a spray foam war. BEST p-day ever. Plus we played signs after with the whole zone basically. 

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