Monday, May 4, 2015

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas?!

Hey guys! A kind of cold week here, surprisingly. Actually it hasn't ever been super hot here since I've returned to San Juan, but this week was super cold. Seriously. So I kind of feel like Christmas should be just around the corner... But hey we've got Mother's day this Sunday instead! So it's basically the same! So... apparently not much going on this week? Not a lot happened here either. I really want to go see the Payson temple now, thanks to your comments, but I do get to see the Córdoba temple dedication in 2 weeks. So really I guess you could say our weeks were more or less the same. More or less. You guys probably weren't knocking on doors all week. Haha. 

So... yeah. Not too much going on here in Pocito right now. We had a little bit of a complicated week as far as finding people to teach goes. This week Argentina had their Labor day basically or "El Día del Trabajador," and so that day it was really hard to find anyone because they were all out partying. I think the missionary handbook lied when it said that holidays and Sundays are really great days for proselyting... I've never had much success on either. This Sunday there was a soccer game between River and Boca, and so that day we didn't have a lot of success either. I'm sad to say that Boca won, 2-0. Haha. And I actually saw the last little bit of the game because we finally got into someone's house to teach them at like 8:00 that night and the game was ending. And Boca scored both of those goals in the last 3 minutes. Haha. I don't really know why I'm giving you guys an Argentine sports update, but there ya go. 

We did have one cool experience this week though. So I think I already told you guys about our capilla abierta that we were planning to do this Saturday. So this week we spent a lot of time knocking doors and inviting people, and on Saturday we finally had it. We got a lot of members to show up, and we had fun drinking Mate cocido and eating what I guess would be a scone, but I don't remember the Argentine name for it. And... Not a single investigator came. Sounds kind of depressing, but afterwards we kind of had a mini testimony meeting and we all kind of came to an agreement that the Lord had a different purpose for us that night. And I completely agree. Even though no investigators showed up, us and a good majority of the branch got together and bonded as a branch, all of us with the purpose of doing missionary work. And I think the next time we do a capilla abierta the Lord will bless us with success in the investigator part. It kind of made me think of when Nephi had to go get the plates, or the Zion's camp story when Joseph Smith and the other men went to go fight for the Saints of Missouri, but ended up not fighting at all. The Lord will do his work in his own time, we just have to be willing to do his will. I guess. 

So... Skype. I still have no idea where we're doing that. There's not really any options as far as members go in Pocito. We might do it in the church, or I might try to get permission to go to Caucete again with Elder Inca since I know some members there. That'd be cool. But I think me and Elder Inca are planning on going to a Cyber on Friday to get that worked out, so I should know by then. I'll let you guys know. 

Well, I don't really know what else to say, since I'm going to see you guys on Sunday! So I'll talk to you guys then! 

Elder Bingham

So I forgot to send pics on Monday again... so here ya go!
Asado! With the whole zone! This was like 2 p-days ago, but I was really happy because 
it had been like at least 12 weeks since my last asado.

Well, you guys asked for it. Here's my cardboard cut-out photo you guys wanted for the wedding. 
Hope the tie works. 

more dam pics. 
We took a dam trip this p-day. Haha. So I took a dam selfie! It was kind of fun teaching Elder Inca dam jokes. 
Not sure if the dam is actually in this pic... 

 Yep... Just take the dam pics! Haha.

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