Thursday, April 30, 2015

Additional letter that came with a package...

So, a week ago there was a knock at the door and when I answered it, I found Elder Anderson, who had just returned home from the Mendoza Argentina mission, standing on my porch with a couple of packages for us. It was fun talking to him for a few minutes and hearing how well Bryce is doing and how much he is loving Argentina. The package contained soccer jerseys for two of the biggest teams in Argentina, River and Boca, and some candy and cookies for us to try. I am including a part of his letter where he shares his testimony. I love seeing how he has grown and changed. It might have made this mom cry a little.

Bryce... I guess by now you're probably expecting a mini-sermon or something from me. I don't know. Actually that's the only thing I can think of writing right now, so here it goes: The mission's great! It's hard to believe 6 months have already gone by and it's also hard to believe the progress I've had in the language, my understanding, my desire to serve, and my testimony. All thanks to the Lord, of course. I really want to go give the Bryce of 6-months-ago a good swift kick in the butt and tell him that he's missing out on good stuff like the blessings we receive for reading the scriptures and praying every day. Something I honestly struggled with before the mission. And I'd tell him if I could that there's way better things to do than sit around and play video games all day. Haha. I know it's all thanks to Jesus Christ and his Atonement that I've been able to change. The Atonement is awesome! It's done so much for me. And I've seen it do so much for other people too. It not only cleans us from sin, but it also gives us strength in our trials, something that I can assure you happens a lot on the mission. And it also gives us the power to simply just become better. That's really what the Plan of Salvation is all about! Eternal Progression. And if we're not progressing, we're doing it wrong. We're really going backwards. There's always things we can do and things we can learn about the gospel that will help us progress and help us become more like Christ. Something I've learned on the mission and I'm still trying to apply it.

Well, I'm really not sure what else to say. I love you all! ¡Les quiero mucho! ¡Y chau!
Elder Bingham
(your favorite Argentine serving missionary)

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  1. What a blessing to get a personally delivered package and, even better, that wonderful testimony.