Monday, April 6, 2015


Hey guys! Nice hearing from you! I had a good week here! Basically just conference, like you guys, but whatever. It was good. And Happy Birthday Jayson! You're like 20 or something right? I'll be honest... you look really old in those photos you sent me. What the freak. With a girl in each arm.... I hope this isn't news to Mom and Dad. Haha. Glad to hear that you enjoyed choir tour, and I was a little surprised to hear that Magleby's shut down. That place has been there for forever... I didn't think it'd ever go away. That's kind of sad. I was kind of wanting to go back to that place after the mission and start talking to all the cooks in spanish. Dang it.

Well yeah.. Good week here! We did get our bikes back fortunately, and so we had a lot more success this week. I guess as far as numbers go. Last week we had like nothing basically, and this week we achieved about the same numbers as last week by like Tuesday. So I guess you can say we did pretty good this week. Not a lot of exciting news as far as investigators go, but we worked hard. There was a lot of bike riding this week too, because since we couldn't visit any of our far away investigators last week, we made up for it this week by going super far like every day. It was fun. Unfortunately I had to re-get-used-to the seat on my bike, so my butt kind of hurt again this week.

And then it was conference! I failed to tell you last week (because I didn't know) that for conference we actually had a room specifically for gringos! We got to watch in English! I was happy for that, because watching the apostles translated into spanish just wouldn't be the same. So yeah, these last few days have just kind of felt like a really long p-day. Really spiritual, but I've got to hang out with a lot of gringos lately. It's been fun. For conference we tried to make it as much like home as possible and bring a bunch of food for snacking on and stuff. I ate a lot of empanadas and attempts at American dessert. (Like muddy-buddies and brownies and stuff) It was awesome. But really though, conference was great. I stayed awake for the whole thing! And I took really good notes. Can't really think of anything specific right now, but it was all really good. A lot of talks on marriage/families I noticed, but I learned a lot, that I'm hoping to apply to the mission.

Today's been kind of weird. I'm kind of doing an intercambio on p-day, which never happens. The zone leaders had to go to Mendoza for some reason today but one of them Elder Ah You (yep) didn't want to because it's his second to last p-day. So Elder Inca went with the other zone leader and I'm hanging out with Elder Ah You today. Should be fun.

That's really about it! Great to hear from you guys! Love ya!

Elder Bingham

Honestly I don't have like any pics this week. So here's a chocolate Easter egg! They make these awesome things around Easter I guess. They've got little candies on the inside. They're pretty good.

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