Monday, March 30, 2015

Kind of a Slow Week

Hey guys! Great to hear from you, as always. Sounded like an exciting week over there. Can't wait to hear about Jayson's choir tour. I kind of miss choir tour, to be honest. And to Chicago... I kind of want to hear about how they got 200+ people to Chicago. That sounds crazy. And congrats to Kyla on the 9! Wahoo! You deserved it! I'll try and watch those videos if I can, but I this Cyber (internet cafe) I'm at really kind of sucks. I wanted to send more photos last week but the darn computer wouldn't let me. So if I'm not super stressed about sending photos this week, hopefully I'll be able to watch it. St. George sounded fun. I kind of miss that place. 

Haha and thanks Dad for the recipe, but funny story: fried rice was like the first thing that I thought of making this week too! It turned out pretty well. The soy sauce was a little expensive, and I forgot the sugar, but it was pretty good. I think Elder Inca liked it. He is from Peru, and they eat a lot of rice there. We'll be eating it a lot more I think. We've still got a lot of soy sauce. 

This week was... Kind of not that great. It was literally a slow week, like it says in the subject line. We were stuck without bikes this week, and that's kind of just a really big problem in this area. Our bikes get a free maintenance/tuneup or something under our warranty, so they've been there the whole week. But we are picking them up today. I didn't realize how much more I like bikes than walking. Plus it made it really difficult to visit any of our far away investigators (like Franco), especially since the 3 times we got a hold of members to drive us super far they all couldn't make it. So, we were stuck the little tiny part of Pocito centro. And we walked A LOT this week. And, we only had like 5 lessons this week. That part kind of stunk. We did a lot of finding new people this week though. We've got a lot of new potential investigators. And we also have 1 really good new investigator! That part was at least good. His name is Mario. He's like 53 and he lives with 2 of his special brothers. He has to take care of them and everything. He's got problems with drinking, but before we met him he was trying to stop. So we met him on like Thursday this week and had a lesson with him, which was really great. We committed him to reading the BoM and everything. And the surprising part is that he is actually reading! And he comprehends what he reads too! That really hasn't happened very much here I feel like. To me at least. And then he came to church with us on Sunday! Wahoo! That doesn't happen very much either! But this guy has got a lot of potential I think. We're going to be passing by a lot hopefully. 

So, general conference this week. I'm not really sure about all the details, but I'm pretty sure it's a live broadcast. Except we're in Argentina, so all the sessions start 3 hours later than in Utah. It's going to be broadcast to the Stake center, which is kind of really far away from our area, so I'm not sure what we're going to do after priesthood session on Saturday yet. That will end at 11ish. We'll see how it goes. 

That's really about it! Thanks for the letters! Talk to ya'll next week!

Elder Bingham

Reunion with Elder Stocks! We had zone conference a couple of weeks ago. 
Elder Inca was also a companion of Elder Stocks.

This is when we had to ride our bikes all the way to San Juan centro to get them fixed up. 
It was a really nice, super long bike ride. 

This is also from Zonda. It's called La Cabeza del Indio. 
You like how I'm picking its nose?

P-day last week! We went to this place called Zonda with a bunch of missionaries,
 and it's kind of a lot like Zions national park. I just really liked this picture. 

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