Monday, March 2, 2015

Slightly Happier Week

Hey guys! I'm happy to report that this week was better than last week. And it sounds like your guys' week was good too. Thanks for the pic of the art mural, Kyla! That was pretty dope! I hope to see many awesome pics in the future of all your awesome artwork! And thank for the talk quotes Mom, they were pretty great. I might use them in some of our lessons with the young men in the coming weeks. (Did I mention we have to teach the young men on Sundays?) 

But yes, this week was better than last week. It was slightly chilly for a couple days again. I'll be glad when it stays this way. I started this week with an intercambio. I went to a different area with an Elder Alcalde from Columbia. That was nice. I didn't really have to worry about thinking of places to go to find people for a day. And he's pretty cool. I kind of forgot to get pics, so sorry about that. 

And thank you guys for the fasting and prayers! I'm glad to tell you guys that they worked! We got some killer references this week. I think I already told you guys we've been giving the members cards. If not, well, we've been inviting the members to give a card to one person per week to invite them to hear our message. We've been doing that with like everyone, and it's working. One reference we got and contacted on like Tuesday. So like right after you guys fasted basically. This family seems pretty interested. I can't really remember their names at the moment, but we taught them all of lesson 1 and left them with a Book of Mormon. And right at the end of the lesson the guy's cuñada (sister-in-law) showed up and also seemed very interested. We weren't able to contact them again this week, but they seem pretty promising. And then we got another reference from a member on like Thursday of a family who had been listening to the missionaries before we got here, and they've had like a million lessons already. But we would've never found them if the members hadn't told us, because the addresses to people's houses are so crappy here. And we got another one yesterday that we're going to try and contact this week. So, we've got a few people now. Thanks so much for the fasting and prayers. 

That's really about it for this week! Glad to hear from you guys, and I can't wait to hear from you guys again next week!

Elder Bingham

I don't really have many new pics this week, so I'll send some old ones:
Plaza Independencia: Kind of the hot tourist spot here in Mendoza. 
We come here like every week for p-day. It's a neat place. 

A monkey escaped from the zoo! El Cerro de Gloria that we went to last week is like right next to the zoo,
 and we found this monkey! Elder Cubilla fed it a peach too from a stick. It was kind of funny. 

We ended the week last night with Brazilian Limeade! (I think) 
We have a lime tree in the back of our pension and I randomly remembered this recipe. 
It was pretty good. 

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