Monday, February 23, 2015

Not a very exciting week

Hola family! Sorry for the really depressing subject title, my week was actually a lot better than that makes it sound. Just not very much happened. That's all. Sounds like you guys had a decent week. Glad to hear that Kyla could finally start doing all of her gymnastics again. Those ankle injuries are pretty dumb. I hope it's fully healed soon. Thank you Jayson for the hilarious video of Dallin at work... I just wish I had sound here in this internet cafe. Some day I will watch it again. In slow motion. haha. Thanks for the letters and the talks you guys sent me. I'll be sure to read them sometime. Oh, and also I hope everything is going well with Hailey. She wrote me last week about her back basically exploding (her words, not mine) but I hope everything's ok over there. 

So.... Yep. Kind of a just a normal week here. Not much happened. We kind of got a couple investigators, but we still have about nobody to teach. This week we've made some goals to do some hardcore Abrir la Boca and even knock doors if we have to. We usually don't have to knock doors here because there's so many people on the streets. But, we're going to do it this week. We need some people to teach. This week we basically spent looking through our ward directory looking for the less-actives in the branch. There's a ton! We didn't have much success in that though... The addresses aren't really super great. But I'm pretty sure this branch would be gigantic if everyone in our directory came to church. Our church attendance this week was about 28... and last week was 23. So the branch isn't super big. I think we have officially met all the active members, which is a bonus. Hopefully we start getting references from them soon. Haha. So yeah, kind of a long week, but me and Elder Villatoro get along pretty well. And I can even understand him pretty well, unlike everyone else in Argentina. Haha. 

So... I guess I'll tell you about my birthday last week! We went to this place called El Cerro de Gloria, kind of this monument/park thing on top of a really small mountain. Like a 10 minute hike. So we went there with the Elders from my old area San Miguel and Marcela and Fernanda and a couple other people from the ward over there. It was fun! We kind of had a picnic thing and played UNO and Marcela and Fernanda for some reason brought these mask things that they made us all wear. It was kind of funny. But we had a good time! It was a nice birthday. Oh, and I took Elder Villatoro to Subway for lunch. We spent about 200 pesos... I think that's almost 20 bucks. It was SUPER DELICIOUS. I didn't realize how much I'd miss Subway. 

Oh, and on a side note: Marcela, our investigator in our last area who was going to be baptized and who went to El Cerro de Gloria with us has a baptismal date on the 7th of March. We should be able to go, I'm pretty sure. So that's exciting. 

That's about it! I hope to be able to tell you guys that we have more investigators next week, but we'll see! Love ya'll!

Elder Bingham

My birthday! With all of our crazy masks.
 Elder Villatoro didn't really want to wear his, and the other Elder and the other guy that 
was with us didn't want to be in the picture. But there ya go.

¿Piernas o panchos? 
Haha I just had this idea during the week that made me laugh

A little bit of a chilly week this week! 
Cold enough for sweaters! It was kind of nice.

another mask pic... haha

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