Monday, February 16, 2015

So...New Area!

Wassup family! First of all, sorry about the letter last week. I was a little distraught. It's kind of weird that I grew so attached to my last area in only a week, but whatever. I kind of forgot to answer a few questions I think and also mention that I DID receive the package of Christmas cards a couple weeks ago. Just those. Haha that was pretty great, I opened it up at zone meeting and all the Elder's saw Mckell's card with the big SWACK on the front and they were all going crazy. And then I opened it and read that it was from my cousin and they were all kind of sad. Haha. But it sounds like ya'll are doing well. Thank you all for the birthday wishes! And thanks you grandparents for the cash! Honestly I have no idea what to spend it on, but I'll find something. 

So our new area! We're in a MEGA GIGANTIC area in a SUPER TINY branch. Only me and Elder Villatoro. Still in Mendoza, and this place is called Algarrobal. We've got the Mendoza airport in our area, so you might be able to GoogleMaps stalk that. So there's 30 active members more or less when they're all there. They're all really great, our Branch President is this really young guy who's super willing to help us with whatever we need. And the rest of the members are the same way. We have like no investigators at all right now, because we got here and found a basically empty Record book.  Or whatever it's called in English. Oh, and I believe the reason we did come here is because one of the Elders that was here went home for some reason, and the other one had been there with like 4 companions so they just moved him too. I think that's the reason. Also we arrived to a super flithy pension, so when we got there we basically unpacked and cleaned the pension our first day there. Blah. We have to take the bus basically to whereever we need to go in our area, and it's about a 30 minute bus ride to the other end of our area. So yeah. It's mega gigantic. There's about nothing here either, just lots of little poor neighborhoods scattered across a giant area. So we have to walk a lot too. I'm pretty sure we walked about 6 kilometers yesterday, for example. Sorry, that was a lot of jumbled information. I hope it made sense. 

I had a más o menos bien birthday yesterday. I really just decided to postpone it until today, because yesterday wasn't super fun or anything. It was good, but today's going to be a lot better. Elder Villatoro made me a nice Guatemalan breakfast, some eggs with some homemade salsa on top. It was pretty good. Then church was weird. Me and Elder Villatoro had to give talks, which wasn't too bad. We just spoke about hastening the work and how we need to work with the members because we really need help right now. Haha. And then because this branch is so tiny they don't have a young men's president so we had to teach young men's too. Talk about a great birthday right? I didn't bother telling anyone in the branch. I just don't really like telling people it's my birthday you know? I did make flan last night though. It's super easy! I had no idea. It just comes in packets here that you just add to milk and then cook it. ANYWAY, today for P-day should be more fun. Remember our investigator Marcela in our last area who's probably getting baptized really soon? Her and her recent convert sister Fernanda are coming hiking with us and a the other Elders in our old area. (Haha Elder Clarke also got special transferred like the day after us last week) Fernanda studies tourism I guess and so she knows all the hot spots of Mendoza. So today should be fun. Oh, and also we still should be able to go to the baptism of Marcela is she does get baptized. We're still super close to our other area. So that's at least good. 

I really think that's about it for now! I think this letter is pretty loaded anyway. Hope you all have a fantastic week!

this is Marcela and Fernanda! In that order. They're super cool.

Goodbye to Elder Clarke... again. So sad.

New pension selfie. I guess. Yeah we basically have to sleep on the floor. That's fun. 

I MADE FLAN! Hahaha!

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