Monday, February 9, 2015

Well...Things just suddenly got very different

Hola familia! I had a más o menos bien week here! Don't get me wrong, it was really great. Just this morning things took a turn for the weird. I'll tell more about it later. But, great to hear from you guys! As always. Thanks for sending shirt sizes. Hopefully I can find the right ones, because I'm not sure if they do sizes like that down here. I know if I find NIKE shirts those ones have S, M, L, etc. but we'll see. Sounds pretty warm over there! It's cooling down a little bit here. I'm still waking up drenched in sweat, which is kind of gross. But hopefully that'll be over soon. We actually had a little bit of cooler weather this week. And a super giant rainstorm. That was fun. 

So... "Why are things suddenly different?" you might be asking. Well, everything was just fine and dandy until right when we got into the Cyber this morning. Elder Cubilla (our district leader and Elder Clarke's companion) gets a call from the zone leaders and finds out that me and Elder Villatoro are getting special transferred. I guess we're just getting transferred somewhere else in the zone, but I'm not sure why. But I'm kind of like "Seriously?" I'll be honest... I'm not super happy right now. I was just starting to get to know the ward, and we have a super awesome investigator who is most likely getting baptized in 2 weeks. So we're like leaving tomorrow, and Elder Clarke and Elder Cubilla get the whole area to themselves. GRRRR! And I was really looking forward to catching up with Elder Clarke too. So, FA! (Argentine expression that would be the equivalent of "dang," but also sounds like a really bad word in English) 

I really don't know what else to say this week, now that we're leaving. We taught some great lessons to people, including our awesome investigator Marcela, but I'm going to miss this area. It's a little frustrating that we're already leaving. But, I'll keep working hard in this new area. We're both going to be new to the area though, so things will probably start out slow. 

Cíao familia! I'll start working on buying shirts and getting my cardboard cutout me!

Elder Bingham

Not many new pics this week, but I'll send a few that I got in my last area with some of our families right before I left.

the Rosales family! I think I told you guys about Ramón awhile ago, but this family was super helpful. 
They'd always help us in our lessons with people and set up Noche de Hogars with investigators and stuff.

This is Leonel! He's a convert that is leaving on his mission in like a week or something, he was in my last area. 
But he gave me this compass thing right before I left! He's pretty cool. 

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