Monday, March 23, 2015

Um...Happy 6 Months!

Hey guys! Great to hear from you! Sounds like this week was a little bit more exciting for you guys. It seems like it's been awhile since I've gotten a letter with so much exciting news in it. Haha. But yeah, sounded like a fun week in Phoenix. I know you've probably left by now, but tell Taylor and Alyssa congrats for me. I did get their engagement announcement a couple months ago. And haha I saw that photo of the wedding and I also agree that Ashtyn looks like Jennifer Lawrence. And you guys get to go to St. George this week too! You guys are getting to enjoy all kinds of heat. I on the other hand, will be enjoying cool weather soon enough. It was the first day of fall last week here. Haha. 

So yep! A good week here! Really not a lot happened. We were pretty busy this week. This transfer we're working on cleaning out our Area Book. So that means we're going through and trying to find a bunch of old investigators and trying to see if they're worth teaching. It's kind of fun! We had some success with that this week. We found some new families to teach that way, and got like 9 new investigators this week. That was fun. And we found a couple brand new investigators too that way! We went looking for a family that had been investigating the church for awhile but for some reason the missionaries stopped visiting. So we went to look for them but they weren't there. But we weren't even sure if it was the right house. So we went and knocked on the next door to make sure and this young guy named Franco opened the door. He's like 20ish. He invited us in and we got talking and he actually had a lot of questions for us, like "what happens after we die?" and "why are there so many churches?" and stuff like that. Well us, being missionaries, just happened to have answers to those questions. And we taught probably the most spiritual Lesson 1 (The Restoration) I've ever taught in the mission. It was awesome. I think Franco has a lot of potential. The only weird thing was he had a hard time accepting our Book of Mormon because he didn't know if he really wanted to read it. I think he's a little scared that this could potentially change his life. We'll see what happened when we see him this week. 

But yeah, that was about it for this week. I celebrated my 6 months mark 2 days early yesterday, and burned one of my ties! HAHAHA! It kind of didn't really burn very well. But pictures to come. 

Oh and haha... We're also stuck without bikes for awhile. They're pretty new bikes, and under our warranty or something we get like a tune-up or maintenance or something. We had to ride clear the heck to San Juan centro this week on our bikes to drop them off. But today and tomorrow are holidays here, so everything's closed. We have to wait until Friday to pick them up. It's a little difficult to be stuck without bikes in an area so huge, but we'll manage. 

Oh and dad: about the pies. I probably would enjoy a pie recipe. Except we don't have gas in our pension, so our oven doesn't work. I wouldn't be able to cook one here. But I would also enjoy other recipes too! We don't have lunches with members here, so we have to make lunch like every day. 

That's about it though! Have a great week!

Elder Bingham

Sorry for the crappy quality guys but Happy 6 months!  And my computer is having serious problems loading pictures today, so I couldn't really send all the ones I wanted to. 

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