Monday, April 20, 2015

AND... No transfers.

Hey guys! What a crazy week! First of all, Hailey is going to FREAKING SIBERIA????? What in the world? I was way off. I guessed like 3 months ago that she was going to Argentina. I thought for sure I had received revelation. Haha just kidding.... Only a joke. But seriously! Siberia? Good luck! And Jayson went to Prom! That's weird that we're to that time of year already. But no Mom, he didn't write me. Pics of that would be cool though! Oh and by the way I hope you're feeling better from that race mom. Don't really know how they roped you into running a race AND being a "dashing diva" at the same time, but whatever. That's the race where you all dressed up in pink right? Oh and Dad, I've got to say: I'm glad you enjoyed your fishing trip, but please don't burn the house down cooking fish while I'm gone. Haha. 

So.... Yep. No transfers. Looks like I got lucky. I get to be with Elder Inca for another 6 weeks. I'm not really sure if I was looking forward to a change or not. I was thinking that a change to senior comp would help me a lot, like making me talk to people more. Sometimes I get into the habit that if I've got a comp that speaks really well and already knows the people we're talking to that I don't need to talk as much. Plus I'm just naturally not very sociable. I'm working on that, but Elder Inca's been good about giving me opportunities to try and contact people and to get me to socialize a little more with members and people so that they like me more when he leaves, but I think if I had to lead the area that would help me even more. But, I do enjoy being with Elder Inca. He teaches really well and I'm learning a lot from him. I still think that when he leaves though I'm probably going to be district leader or something. 

And we're having success here! This week we had some great lessons. We found this new investigator family on Monday and basically just set up a new appointment for Wednesday, but on Wednesday we had a really awesome lesson on the Plan of Salvation with them, and the Spirit told me to give them a baptismal date, and I did, and they accepted! Wahoo! And then we did splits on Friday with a couple of the youth from the branch and Elder Inca went and taught them the Restoration too. Their names are Washington (kind of weird Argentine name right?) and Margarita, and they're kind of an older couple. And we're teaching their daughter and her family too. But yeah, I guess you could say things are going well there. 

On another note, Elder Stocks died yesterday. Or maybe I should say that he finished his mission yesterday. That's kind of weird. And Elder Anderson also finished yesterday, so you guys should hopefully be receiving my package sometime this week. He'll fly home on Tuesday, but I'm not sure when he's planning on passing by. 

That's about it! Thanks Mom for sending those family photos by the way. What would also be great is if you guys could send any brief memories you have of like all of my great-grandparents, because I basically never knew any of them except Grandma Bingham and Grandma Pendleton. I'm working on finishing my Mi Familia book as soon as possible. Just things about their character in general or specific memories would be great. 

Thanks ya'll for the letters! Can't wait to hear from you next week!

Elder Bingham

We did service for a member last saturday picking olives! 
Olives are also really gross here by the way.

We also fed a horse. Kind of fun.

We made district t-shirts! It's even got a plaque!
back view of t-shirts

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