Thursday, April 30, 2015

¡Aguante River!

Hahaha hey guys! It seems you got my package! Nice pics! Except I've
got to ask... Amaya. You really have a selfie stick? I didn't even
know that existed. Whatever, I guess. Haha. Glad you guys enjoyed the
package. And sorry I couldn't find any better candy. There is better
candy here actually, I just had a hard time finding it in good sized
bags. But yeah those ARCOR cough drops are pretty great, right? Haha.
At least you got to enjoy alfajores. I really didn't eat them that
much until Elder Inca became my comp, and now I buy them ALL the time.
And there are actually even better alfajores here than those oreo
ones, but they're way more expensive. So you'll have to wait like 17
months for those. Haha. So there ya go. I applaud all of you from
River, by the way. Haha. I'm a little sad that Lauren's from Boca....
haha just kidding.

Pretty average week here in Pocito.

(That was all of the letter that showed up initially, so I wrote back quickly and asked if that really was the whole letter because it was unusually short. This was the response and the rest of the letter.)

Blah! Dang it! Darn ancient computer! I got bad luck and got stuck
with this stupid computer today, and it looks like that happened.
Well, hang on a second. I'll try and finish it pronto.

Where was I at? Sorry. Darn ancient computer chopped off half the email I sent.

So, it's cool that you guys are all working in the open house! I
actually already saw those pictures of the temple on the LDS website,
but it just makes me all the more excited to go there after the
mission! And speaking of photos, Dad, not cool sending the new
Starwars pic. haha just kidding, I enjoyed it. But I do miss Starwars.

So. Average week in Pocito, I guess I said. Kind of slow as far as
numbers go. We had a lot of appointments that fell this week. But on
the other hand, we did have a lot of member participation this week,
which was super great! We had an activity in the branch on saturday
and invited the members to come abrir la boca with us in the plaza de
pocito! We were like Jehovah's witnesses! Haha. It was good though, we
invited a lot of people to come to a capilla abierta that we're having
this saturday, when we're going to have the doors open to the public
and show them what the mormons do! I guess. We got a lot of references
though, which was super great. We'll be contacting them this week.

A small miracle this week: or rather, last p-day. We seem to have
p-day miracles a lot, which is weird, cause it's p-day. So last p-day
we didn't really have a clue what to do, because all of our
appointments fell. So we were thinking of people to visit, and this
investigator family popped into my brain, and Elder Inca's brain too
apparently. So we passed by and found somebody completely different!
The uncle of the investigator, apparently. But without any real effort
on our part, he invited us in, saying that he really wanted to hear
our message, because he was going through a rought spot in the moment.
It was kind of cool to be guided there by the spirit just in the
moment that he needed us.

But I've got to go! I'm kind of short on time now, darn computer.

Have a great week!

Elder Bingham

Combined district meeting! Elder Anderson, the district leader
of this district, went home. obviously. So we did this! It was kind of

TACOS! Holy crap I missed tacos! Made by a real Mexican too,
Elder Poot! I don't think I've ever tasted better tacos in my life...
They were super dang good.

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