Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

Hey guys! What's happening? I bet a lot has probably changed since when I talked to you guys less than 24 hours ago. Haha not really... I get the feeling that this letter is going to be a lot shorter than usual. But it was super great talking to you guys, really! It's hard to believe I'm already done with my second skype! It's like I'm halfway through my mission already, but really I'm only a third of the way done. How time flies. 

So... hmm. What to tell you guys? This week was slightly rough, actually. I guess. It was kind of a week full of falling appointments and stuff, which I think I told you guys about. This week and last week were both like that, really. And those days can be really frustrating. I personally enjoy teaching a lot more than I like knocking on doors, which is kind of what you have to do when your appointments fall. Saturday finally ended well though. We did another split with the jóvenes and I went with the older one while Elder Inca went and knocked doors with the other one. We were having a "tormenta blanca" that night, when a ton of missionaries from the zone came and we all went and knocked doors. But we had an appointment to go to, so we split up and I went to the appointment. And it was like our first one this week that didn't fall! And I had to basically teach the whole lesson by myself, because the jóven I was with doesn't talk much, but I was super pumped after because it was an awesome lesson. So I went and knocked doors a ful for like half an hour until the tormenta blanca ended, and that was probably the most I've ever enjoyed knocking doors! So there ya go. 

And yesterday was great too. Not only because of skype, but going to Caucete (my first area) to do it. And afterwards I went and visited a few members and they were all like "Elder Bingham! ¿Qué está haciendo aquí?" And then I was actually able to TALK to them AND understand them and they were all super suprised that I actually could talk. It made me really greatful for the help that the Lord has given me with my Spanish. And plus I was just really greatful to see all of them. Probably going to send a thank you note to President today for giving us permission to go. 

So... That letter was longer than I thought. But that's about it really! It was great talking to you guys, once again. But I'll write you all again next week!

Elder Bingham

Not much this week... Cause I sent a million on Friday.

Hope you guys like the suit pic better this time. Personally I would have rather had my hands in my pockets... Cause I had no idea what to do with my freaking hands. Haha.
about to take jump in the lake... Or baptize ourselves... Or something like that. Haha.

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