Saturday, October 25, 2014


Hola familia! I've got some exciting news! My travel plans came yesterday and it looks like i'm going straight to Argentina! Everyone in the district actually got their visas, so all of us going down to Argentina will all be on the same flight to Buenos Aires. Then after that it's sounding like me and Elder Clarke have about a 12 hour bus ride to Mendoza, so that'll be fun! :P But really I'm so excited. I'll be leaving on Nov 03 as planned. 

Sounds like everyone doing well! Cornbellies sounded fun... I'm pretty sure I still have never been to a haunted house. I did remember about Kyla's birthday, and she should be receiving a card in the mail from the entire district sometime soon. Be warned though, I think they all want more girls writing them so they all left their emails I think. Don't pay them any mind.... They're just being weird. But you're lucky Kyla... You're probably the only person who's going to get a personal card from me. Everyone else just gets an email probably. I'm not going to be able to get anything out of the country. And Dad, sorry to hear about your cousin Robby. I'm 90% sure I don't know who he is but he sounded like a great guy. And it sounds like Amaya is still having a great time, as usual. 

This week was pretty good. Spanish is still coming along great, we're finally learning all the harder stuff like speaking in past tense and stuff. So I've been practicing that and it's come along pretty well. We had a couple different TRC experiences this week. Unfortunately me and Elder Clarke didn't get to teach Marco anymore, but we got a new investigator name Adrian from Peru. He's a lot younger, and basically he's got a good knowledge of the church except he has problems with two commandments: the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity. So we tried to teach him about those in the two days we had him. It was definitely a good learning experience. His bio said he had met with the missionaries a few times before, so we kind of just assumed he knew about Joseph Smith and stuff. So we just jumped right into the commandments. Which was good, because that was what he needed, but we assumed he knew too much, which wasn't good. His basic problem with those two commandments, which we later learned, was that he didn't know where in the scriptures they came from. He knew why we followed them and why they were important, but didn't know where they came from. So that was what we explained to him in our second lesson, and it went much better. It was definitely a good learning experience on finding the investigator's real needs and being able to teach them with the Spirit. We don't teach him anymore, but we're still getting plenty of practice in our class time teaching each other, and that's been a great experience as well. 

That's about it for this week! I'm so excited to head down to Argentina in a week-ish! But I'll write you all next week with hopefully some more news about traveling! 

Elder Bingham

Me and Elder Clarke fishin at West Campus...Loved this picture.

Found this spectacular view at the temple. Didn't even know you could go behind it.

A better picture of mine and Elder Clarke's leaf fight.

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