Saturday, October 18, 2014

P-day Part 2

ANNDDD.... I'm back. It's kind of weird having 2 p-days in the same week. But this time I've actually got more time to write stuff. So anyway... West campus is way better than here. At west we had way more freedom, our apartments were way bigger since we were at wyview, and our classrooms are tiny here too. At west our classrooms were at the raintree apartments and there was like 4 rooms in each apartment, and some of them had couches. I miss it so much. But we're all starting to get used to Main campus too. It's annoying being crammed all together in the same room, and I'm not a huge fan of the whole dorm setup, but we're warming up to it. Oh, and sweet new car by the way! 

A lot has happened since I wrote last week. We changed district and zone leaders. My companion Elder Clarke is our new district leader, and Elder Combe and Elder Taylor in our district are our new zone leaders. 2 of the districts in our zone left, including the zone leaders, and we all kind of miss them. They were super fun to have around. But now I guess we're the veterans in our zone. We got 2 new districts on wednesday, but I don't really know any of them yet. I kind of liked being the younger guys in the zone. 

We've had a lot of teaching experience over the past week. We just started our TRC, which pretty much means we just got more investigators. Me and Elder Clarke are teaching this older guy named Marco. He's super nice and we've had an awesome experience teaching him. He's had polio for almost his whole life and so he can't walk without crutches, and we gave him a lesson on the resurrection. I know the spirit was there helping us teach. It was such an awesome lesson. We'll get to teach him more next week hopefully. The transfer to main campus kind of screwed things up. 

We've also been giving lessons to our teacher Hermano Wolfe, who has been playing the role of a 60ish year old guy named Juan, who I'm guessing he taught on his mission. "Juan" has had kind of a hard life and has some addictions that he's having trouble overcoming. Our first lesson to him was kind of lame, because we were really rushed. But we taught him again yesterday about the power of the Atonement. It was the best lesson I've been a part of yet. We testified to him about the strength and blessing it has been in our lives and he was really receptive of the message. Hermano Wolfe told us later that is was the best lesson he had ever observed us teach so far in the MTC. The whole experience just made me want to get out to Argentina even sooner. 

That's about it for me! I'm trying to send some pictures, but for some reason all of them are too big or something. So sorry about no pictures, but I'll try to figure it out for next week. Can't wait to hear from you guys!

Elder Bingham

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