Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I Don't Like Coming Up with Subjects When Every Week at the MTC is Almost Exactly the Same

Hola familia! Thanks for the letters and the care packages! The cinnamon rolls are already gone, I shared one with everyone in the district. They were delicious. Jayson! Way to finally ask someone to homecoming! You definitely had a hot date! (If I'm allowed to say so myself) Hope you had a sweet (first?) date. And Kyla? That picture was pretty spectacular. Wish I could draw like that. Also glad to know that Amaya's doing well with her new companion.

Just another normal week here at the MTC! Can't believe I'm already to week 2! Everyone here says time files after the first sunday and they're totally right... This week flew by. There wasn't a whole lot going on this week, except for a couple surprises. I believe I told you about our "investigator" named Javier last week? Well, even though we pretty much all knew he was really a member, it totally came as a shock on Thursday last week when he showed up as our new teacher! We taught him a lesson that morning and then that afternoon he showed up in a white shirt and tie and was like "Psych!" It was frustrating, because we all did want to believe that he was really investigator because we were doing that well. But his real name is Hermano Norton. He's been back from his mission in Spain for about 6 months, and "Javier" was one of his investigators. He's super cool though. And I wasn't lying last week when I said he had fantastic hair. Just sayin. 

General conference was awesome! I've never had such a good experience with conference, because this time I actually took notes! And didn't fall asleep too much! I got good notes on every speaker. I loved President Uchtdorf's and Elder Holland's obviously, but I also really liked all the talks in the different languages too. I can't remember what they're about right now, because I don't have my notes, but I did like them. I wish I could have been in the priesthood choir, especially since I saw 2 elders from school in it and I saw tons of elders from our zone too. But oh well. I also wish we could have listened to conference in spanish. We were all forced to listen in English, because they had a voice over on all those talks instead of subtitles. I really wanted to listen in Spanish, just to practice, and because my spanish listening comprehension, in my opinion, is already pretty good. Unfortunately, I'm still not very good at talking to people in spanish. Also, listening to general conference entirely in english seemed to really slow down my spanish learning. But we've had some spanish lessons this week so I'm back in the groove again :) 

Well I do have plenty of pictures to share this week :) Hopefully you can get them all. Also I am in need of another care package. I realized that I do need a few more things. 1) more sweaters. It's cooling down quite a bit around here. You can send me that purple cardigan from my bottom drawer (I think?) and maybe another one would be nice too. Idk what color. 2) I need a mini USB for my camera... I might have one plugged in in my room but I'm not sure. I can insert my SD card into these laptops at the MTC to send pictures, but I'm not sure what I'll get in Argentina. 3) OREOS! Oreos would be good. And I feel like there's more I'm missing, but I can't think of anything right now. 

Well I can't wait to hear from ya'll! Wish I could get some letters from friends too, but I have no idea how to even email them myself since I don't have their email addresses, and I don't know how you could find them. But adios anyway!

Elder Bingham

 My companion, Elder Clarke... 
Someone had these really weird glasses that we were all trying on.

Elder Combe. This is the elder that Hailey supposedly knows from school.

Me and Elder Strong!

District photo at temple

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