Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Campus Transfer

Hey family! I'm going to try and keep my letter short... We just transferred to main campus today and they gave us a little time to email and do laundry and stuff, but it's not really a p-day. But on the bright side, our new p-day is on saturday! So I'll send more details later. But for now, I thought I'd catch up on sending you guys pictures because it's so difficult to send pictures from here. But before I do, I'm super jealous that you guys bought a new car 3ish weeks after I left. It sounds sweet. I do want to see a picture of that too, just cause. Mom, my camera is a Canon PowerShot or something like that... Hopefully that will help you find a camera cable. Jayson, sweet date! My companion Elder Clarke looked over at my computer when I was looking at your pictures and wanted me to ask if Rachel was writing anyone. ;) But anyway, I'll write you guys more on Saturday! 

Elder Bingham

Pic 1: District photo, from left: Elder Taylor, going to Bahia Blanca Argentina; Elder June, going to Cocha Bomba Bolivia; Elder Alger, going to Detroit Michigan; Elder Clarke, going to Mendoza with me; and then me, obviously; Elder Melzer, going to Guayaquil Ecuador; Elder Combe, going to Bahia Blanca Argentina; and Elder Pyle, going to Orlando Florida. 

Pic 2: Elder Clarke and Elder Alger fixing a hole in our apartment wall they made while wrestling. They were fighting over what to leave our thermostat on while we were gone at class.... Elder Clarke has been known to leave our room at 95 degrees and Elder Alger likes to leave it at like 60. Me and Elder Pyle grounded them from the thermostat. But they fixed the hole with shoe goo, toothpaste, chocolate milk, and white-out. It surprisingly worked pretty well. 

Me and Elder Clarke having a leaf fight!

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