Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Hola familia! 

Sorry it took me so long to write! I thought I was going to get time the first night but that didn't really happen, and our p-day for our district just so happened to be on Wednesday, so I got to wait a whole week. So that was nice. 

So things are actually pretty great right now! I actually really love it here! I am at West Campus (Wyview) but apparently we are transferring to main campus in like 2 weeks. They're trying to shut down West Campus for good I think. So I get to try out both MTC campuses! I'd rather stay here at West, but I tried Main campus's food today after we went to the temple and that part was WAY better than ours at least. But from what I here main campus is basically a prison compared to West campus. 

So my companion is Elder Clarke, and he's from Georgia. He lived in Utah for the summer at BYU and did a semester so he kind of knows the area. He's really cool, and so is my whole district. We're all already really good friends and even the other districts have told us that they've been impressed with how much we've bonded already and how awesome of a district we are. Our district leader is Elder Pyle from West Valley UT, and then we've got Elder Alger from Surprise AZ, Elder June from FL, Elder Melzer from Mesa AZ, Elder Taylor from IL, and Elder Combe from Draper UT. And obviously me and my companion too. And apparently Elder Combe went to Jordan high school and he knows Hailey! So tell her hi from both of us. 

Even class time is going pretty well right now. I think all of my Spanish came back in like 2 days. I could even mostly understand everything our teacher Hermano Wolfe was telling is only in Spanish the first day. I was super surprised. But that just proves to me that the don de lenguas (gift of tongues) is so real. It was super cool. I'm even starting to think in Spanish sometimes. I'll see things like the campus police cars and think "la policia!" and stuff like that.

We've already got our first investigator too. Well, "investigator." We're all 90% sure he's actually a member. Everyone in the district is teaching him right now. His name is Javier from Spain, and he's really friendly, and everyone in our district wants his hair. Like seriously. His hair was probably given to him by angels. (Elder Pyle's words, not mine) Anyway, I've been super nervous for every lesson we teach him, but once again, the don de lenguas is real. Every lesson turns out great, and I'm always able to understand everything he tells us, and for the most part everything we try to say to him comes out well too. Well, mostly. Elder Alger told Javier that he was "embarasado...." Thankfully not while I was in there. We could all hear them laughing from the other room though. 

I've already grown a lot since I've been here! I've definitely had to rely much more on the Lord than I've ever had too. But everything is going just fine here. And the letters and packages have helped. All the other elders in the district are super jealous, because I'm the only one who ever gets any mail, and no one besides me has gotten a package yet, and I've gotten two. Thanks! And thank the Mckee's for me for sending the donuts. They were delicioso!

There's not much more I can think of to say right now, except that I'm really sorry, but I was really terrible at getting pictures this week. Other elders got some, but I'm kind of stuck in a different room than them typing my email because none of the open computers in their room worked. And also Elder Alger is always gone when we try to take group pictures and we want to get some with all of us in it. He's in the MTC choir for priesthood session. And we all would like to be too, but the only reason he got in is because he knows the conductor. The rest of our district was technically too late to join/audition. But, I will try to send many pictures next week. And I'll steal some from the other elders. I wish I had some to share this week. 


Elder Bingham

P.S. Somehow tell any of my other friends that they have permission to write me too :)

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