Saturday, November 1, 2014

Last Week in the MTC

Hola people! This week has been kinda crazy. Not really because it's been super busy or anything, but because all of us want to get out of here. You guys looked great in your Halloween costumes by the way. Dad actually looked a bit scary. I actually dressed up for Halloween too... I dressed up as Elder Pyle from our district and he dressed up as me. It made for a lot of confusion yesterday, because we were wearing each other's name tags. I picked up my suit from the dry cleaners and she's like "it's for samuel, right?" She had looked at my name tag, and I was super confused for a minute. Then I realized that I was in fact NOT Elder Pyle, but I did get my suit. It was kind of funny. Anyway, I can't believe Kyla was chosen to paint that quote at the school! That is so cool! Send pics when she actually does it! And I still haven't heard a word from Jayson, just sayin. (hint hint) It's weird that Charlie is home already. And that Amaya gets home in 7 weeks. Amaya, don't get married or anything. Or have kids. That'd be weird. 

So not much happened this week except for yesterday. We didn't have any TRC investigators, which was kind of sad. We did do a lesson with a member in Argentina over skype, which went pretty well, except for the part that we couldn't hear a word she was saying. Not just understand, but we could hardly even hear her. The parts we heard though made us really excited to start speaking Argentine spanish, because it just sounded so pretty! I think it is definitely the most pure form of spanish. So sorry Mom and Amaya, but your spanish isn't as cool. So we hoped that she got a good message out of it. Yesterday was in-field orientation though. It started at like 8 in the morning and went until 5, with only about an hour and a half of breaks in between. They did it really well though. They had us up and doing stuff if different rooms and we definitely learned a lot. But then I realized after that I had been there for 8 hours, and just the thought of that kind of drained me for the rest of the day. But it was good. 

Today's our p-day obviously, so we are just doing laundry and packing mostly. I got the packages and the letters you guys all sent, so thanks for that! Thank you Grandma for the nice handwritten note! And p.s. Dad, the talk you sent me printed on like 7 pages, so all the Elders in the district were super jealous yesterday when I got 8 letters and none of them got any. It was fun. I'll be sure to read it on the plane. Oh, and speaking of the plane I did buy a calling card at the bookstore here. I think I can make up to 3 calls, and I've got lots of time to talk. I think I'll call in Atlanta, and I have a 3 hour layover. I'll be there at around 5 in Atlanta time, so I think it'll be around 3ish in Utah. So I need to know what time you guys want me to call, and if you need me to call you guys on different phones (if dad's at work at something). So try to give me that information by tomorrow, I figure I can get permission to check. 

One last thing: 2 Nephi 22:2. We had a devotional this week from the President of the Primary and she shared that with us. It's super cool, and I wish I could change it to my mission scripture, but ya'll go read it! 

Talk to you guys on Monday!

Elder Bingham
Just a really funny looking picture or Elder Taylor

Last lesson with like the best teacher ever,  Hermano Wolfe.
Unfortunately, he is not very photogenic.

Me and Elder Kimber

Halloween! Elder Pyle is wearing my cardigan, tie and tag, and I am wearing his. It was fun.

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