Monday, November 10, 2014


Wow! I finally made it! Sounds like ya´ll are doing pretty well! I was glad to hear Alex opened his mission call to Madrid! That´s super sweet! Give him a high five for me. Things here have been slighty overwhelming. Where to begin? Well, we made it into Argentina with no problems. And it turns out I didn´t have to take a 12 hour bus ride. We actually took a domestic flight from Buenos Aires to Mendoza. But our flight wasn´t until very late in the day, so it pretty much took just as long as the bus ride would have. We had a nice dinner in the mission home that night, and stayed in a hotel until morning. 

The next day was full of training at the offices. We were trained on stuff like "how to not get robbed as easily" and "how to eat healthy" and stuff like that. Speaking of eating healthy, I already think I´m going to get fat down here. Pretty much all I´ve had to eat so far has been rice, pasta, and not very many vegetables or fruits. It´s been super good, but I´m totally going to get fat. Oh and also, there´s this drink down here that ya´ll need to try. I don´t know why America doesn´t have this. Pretty much all it is is vanilla yogurt mixed with milk. IT¨S SUPER GOOD! Anyway, finally around 4 or 5ish I met my trainer, Elder Stocks. He´s from St. George Utah, and I´m his third "child" I guess. He´s trained 2 other elders before me, so he´s a pretty good trainer. We´ve gotten along pretty well already, and he´s taught me a lot. That night we left to our area, and arrived around midnight. So I was running on pretty much no sleep. 

Finally in the morning we got to work. Our area is in the San Juan province and it´s this little town called Caucete. Apparently it´s a really great area compared to some others. It gets really hot here in the summer unfortunately, so hot that we get to go buy sombreros! Apparently it´s a neccessity. We´re going to buy them today sometime. Luckily we also have air conditioning in our apartments, (we call it our pension here) and all the people here are relatively friendly. We haven´t even gotten chased by dogs yet, and there are many. We live pretty much right next to all the members in the town, and these first few days we´ve just been trying to get to know them. We don´t really have any investigators yet, but we´ve been doing a lot of street contacting and we´ve got quite a few appointments set up for this week. So that´s good. 

So I´m doing pretty well here so far. I´m a bit overwhelmed about learning how everything works down here and stuff like that. And also I´m pretty sure the Spanish here is not what they taught us in the MTC. I can´t understand a word of what anyone is talking about. But luckily I can still speak pretty well. I think I´d rather be able to understand people, but that will come. All the members we talk to compliment me on how well I can speak already, so that´s been nice. 

I almost forgot to tell you guys! We were lucky enough to have Elder Christopherson come and speak to us on Saturday! I can´t believe that I arrived just in time to hear him speak to us, but I´ll tell ya´ll more about it next week! It was a super awesome experience!

Well, that about sums up this crazy week. ¡Les quiero mucho!

Elder Bingham
We made it to Argentina selfie! 
Me and Elder Stocks! My first day in the field!

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