Monday, November 17, 2014

Hola from Argentina!

Hola everyone! It was great to hear from you guys! Things are still going great here! It´s super hot, but we do have our sombreros now! And apparently we haven´t even hit the worst of the heat yet. Everyone keeps telling us that it´s the hottest in January and February. Luckily we do have AC in our apartment, but most of the time it´s still super hot in there, because our house is made out of bricks. Wahoo. Dad, the place where we bought our sombreros is actually in the bigger city about 30 minutes from our area, called San Juan. We have to take a bus down here to use the internet cafe. Our area Cuacete is much different, and much smaller. I don´t have an address really besides that, so good luck on the Google Maps stalking.  

I guess I´ll start from where I left off last week, Elder Christofferson! (I realized that I also spelled his name wrong last week) It was a super great experience. All the missionaries in our mission came down to Mendoza to hear him speak. He started it all by letting each of us come up and shake his hand, tell him our name, and where we were from. I can tell you that as soon as I grabbed his hand I could feel his spirit. It kind of made me a little giddy! He then spoke to us and talked to us entirely in Spanish, and I kind of got from his talk how important it is that we use the Book of Mormon in our teaching. I wish I could´ve understood the whole thing, but I think the Spirit told me what I need to hear. 

But back to this week. It was really good! I don´t know if it´s just the area I´m in or the people or what, but I´ve been super surprised here to see how many people we talk to about  that are just like "Sure! Come by our house sometime! We don´t have a problem with hearing your message!" And stuff like that. Given, there are still people who are like "Nope! I´m Catholic! Bye!" But I was totally expecting to get the majority of our answers like that. So we´re still getting lots of appointments. Oh, and random trivia because Mom asked: My trainer has been out for 18 months. 

The members are really awesome and willing to help here too. We´ve gotten to know most of them and we get lunch with a family like every day. They feed us well. Mom, I´m not sure if you got that pic over facebook? We were at one of the member´s houses on Thursday or Friday and their son got a picture of me eating flan and tried to send them to you, but we went by again yesterday and he said that you hadn´t seen it yet. I hope you did. But anyway, the ward is a little crazy sometimes. There´s a few kids that are CRAZY during sacrament meeting, one in particular who likes to run up on the stand and mess around with the boombox we use for music and tries to eat the sacrament bread. I think he´s the reason why we don´t use the piano.    

One appointment in particular I´ll share with you guys: On about Friday we went down to like the bottom end of our area trying to find this member we hadn´t met yet. But we get there and it turns out the man´s daughter and her husband are living there! She´s an inactive member who kind of stopped coming to church like 4 years ago when she kind of had a kid with her future husband, but she still had a testimony and everything. He´s slightly Catholic but doesn´t really attend much. But they are married now, and totally want to hear our message, So me and Elder Stocks are all like "Golden Investigator! Booyah!" I was grateful for the Spirit guiding us that day. 

Hope that was enough info for you guys! Love you!

Elder Bingham
The view from right outside our pension, if you zoom in you can kind of see what most of the houses look like. 

Sombreros! We had do take one quick in the internet cafe because we forgot to during the week. So sorry for the selfie. And also, I never imagined looking like this as a missionary.

This is kind of what this area looks like when you aren´t in town. It´s super desert-ish and stuff. And I don´t know if you can see it in this picture, but there´s like grape fields everywhere around here. Oh, and there´s some of the Andes in the background. 

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