Monday, May 2, 2016

We're so close!

Hello guys!

Guess what??? We're so close with RICARDO! We had another fantastic week with him. We were just working on teaching everything basically. We taught him the Word of Wisdom, Chastity, Family History, Temples... And we almost got around to teaching him about the Priesthood but he wasn't there the last day. Bummer. And the best part is: He doesn't have any problems with the Word of Wisdom or Chastity! He's like basically a member already. This week we've got to go over the baptismal interview questions a little bit, then on Thursday he's got the interview, and on Saturday we've got the baptism! Hopefully the interview goes well... Cause the whole ward knows that Saturday is the baptism. If that doesn't happen... Well... It'd be awkward. 

This is my first baptism in my mission! Did you guys realize? And I've got like 19 months, and I know a lot about things we have to do to make sure the baptism goes smoothly and everything... But I'm like flipping out! We talked to a returned missionary yesterday and he was telling us about all kinds of things we needed to be doing this week for the baptism. For example: Does the hot water work in the chapel? The drain? Is there baptismal clothing that fits him? Does it need to be washed? Do the members know? Are you going to bring food? Things like that. There's just lots of things that I didn't even think about. The hot water was the last thing on my mind... Cause that's just something you kind of expect is already going to work... But here in Argentina you never know. So last night we went, and fortunately it does work. The bad thing is the font doesn't drain, so we had to run over to the bishop's house so that he sends someone to fix it before Saturday. That was a close call. 

Really I don't know what else to tell you guys besides that... It's like the only thing on my mind right now. We taught a few great lessons this week... We've got some other progressing investigators... It was kind of an average week with my comp... And yep. So... Keep praying still! It's not over yet! But we're really excited here. Ricardo's excited, I'm excited, Elder Huaman is excited, the zone leaders are excited, and I'm REALLY excited. Yep. 

Well guys, I'll be seeing you all on Sunday, at 3 o clock. Love you all!

Elder Bingham

So one of the elders in my district had his dad draw this. That's me!

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