Monday, May 23, 2016

A long rainy week comes to a close

Hi guys!

First of all...Happy birthdays! To Grandma and Amaya! Wahoo! Amaya's birthday is on Argentina's Independence day. Just so you all know. Anyway, I hope you two have a great week.

Well, not a bad week here! Everything's been a tiny bit slow since Ricardo's baptism, unfortunately, but we're still working hard. It's been a bit cold recently as well... We're finally getting to winter I think. The weird thing is that it's been raining here for about 2 weeks straight. It's awful! Cause it doesn't rain in Mendoza! I think Chile must have sunk into the ocean because Mendoza seems like one of those cities that always rains because it's right next to the ocean. I'm not completely sure, but if someone can confirm that theory I'd greatly appreciate it. My shoes haven't completely dried for about a week. I'm down to just a single pair, that pair I bought recently for my birthday. And even these shoes are already looking pretty bad. But, I think they'll last 3 more months. This darn rain made them a lot worse. But hey... On the bright side the rain finally ended yesterday. And now it's really sunny outside :) Wahoo! 

So we had this mission conference thing with Elder Texeira this week, the second counselor of the area presidency. And soon to become the area president, apparently. But anyway, it was a great conference. Elder Texeira and his wife gave us lots of suggestions of things we can do to kind of "turn" the mission around. That's literally what it was all called: "Gira de la Misión." Or "Turn of the mission." Basically the main topics were just being way more bold in our teaching so that our investigators understand why we're there exactly, and also having a more effective companionship study to help us prepare better to teach our investigator. There was quite a bit of cane that was dropped, but it was all taken very well and I'm excited to put their suggestions to practice. :)

We also had our musical number thing. I played the piano. And also I made up the arrangement for the song we played. That was fun. I played my part well. Apparently the singing kind of screwed up really bad, but I didn't notice because I was so focused on my part. For some reason when I practice I never have any problems, but then when I get playing in front of a lot of people I get really nervous and my leg that I use for the pedal starts twitching really bad. Whatever. I made it through. It was all good. 

That's kind of all the exciting stuff for this week. Hopefully we can teach a little bit more this week. But I hope everyone has a great week! 

Elder Bingham

My comp fell into the asequia this week. Poor guy. If you don't remember the asequias are really deep gutters on every street in Argentina for the water to run and for people to throw their garbage.

My 2 day beard. I was busy looking for new razor blades. 

Elder Texeira conference! Office staff reunited!

Got a picture with my fellow Salemite Hermana Henrie. She was helping us out with the singing in our musical number.

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