Monday, May 16, 2016

I touch the piano

Hello family! And other people! 

Wahoo new washer and dryer for when I get home! Congrats! That's fun. I'm a little confused about the side gate project though for the boat... How are you planning on doing that? Leveling the yard over there? Sounds cool... But it sounds difficult as well. 

Anyway though... This was the first week of my second transfer with Elder Huaman. It's crazy how fast that first transfer flew by. Anyway, transfer week kind of made it difficult for some reason to work. It seemed like we were constantly busy this week. Lemme explain:

Monday: P-day, but we were in a trio with the comp of one of the elders who just died in our district. 

Tuesday: We had to go drop off said elder in the terminal to get his new companion. I did get to spend all morning talking to my best mission buds though. That was a blast. 

Wednesday: Normal. 

Thursday: Second training meeting for the new missionaries. In other words, the newbies have one training meeting when they get there, the day they get their trainers. And then on the first week of their second transfer they all go back for another training. It was fun... I got to see a lot of friends. It kind of felt like Tuesday except with everyone who wasn't at the terminal that morning. 

Friday: We had a REHEARSAL! What? So this week on Thursday we're going to have a mission conference with Elder Texeira of the Area Presidency, and it just so happens that I got assigned to play the piano for the special musical number. Well, that's no biggie for me. But there was a catch this time: We didn't have any music! So the hermanas that were in charge of choosing the musical number chose 3 hymns out of the hymn book and I had to make up a medley to all of those songs. And make it sounds fancy and cool. Well, that's a new thing for me. But it's something I've been working on a lot lately, and I did it! I'm getting better at the piano in that sense, and it's cool! So we rehearsed on Friday. It sounded okay, due to the fact that half of the people in our zone don't know how to sing. Oh well... I had fun at least. 

Anyway... So we were busy this week. And we're going to be busy with the Elder Texeira conference as well, but I'm way excited for that! 

Ricardo is still doing fantastic... The bishop had an interview with him yesterday in church and I think it was probably so that he can get the priesthood. I didn't have time to ask though. But that's cool! He's doing way well. 

So, that's about it for this week. I love you all! :D

Elder Bingham

Selfies with my friends

We got wet in the rain this week. Mendoza is being weird... It's like Utah and it never should rain, but this whole fall it's been raining.

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