Monday, May 9, 2016


Hi guys! I talked to ya'll yesterday! 

So I'll just say again...  For those who read the blog... WE HAD A BAPTISM! WAHOO! You guys already have the photos! Well done Ricardo! I was so happy this week. Basically the whole week we were getting things ready. We were trying to invite all the members we could, because all of the women were going to be in the stake center for a relief society activity that day. We needed all the men we could get. It turned out okay. And we had to finish teaching Ricardo, fill out the baptismal record, do the interview, make banana bread, make sure the font worked, and it seemed to take up the whole week. But it all turned out well. As I was telling the family... The baptism itself was a little bit clumsy. I was briefing Ricardo when we got in the water about him being able to plug his nose, that he needed to bend his knees a little bit, everything like that. I guess he didn't understand very well. I held up my arm, said everything I had to say, and then went to dunk him, and he kind of just put his hand over his face (didn't plug the nose) and kind of just fell over into the water. I was like "Oh gosh!" and I felt really bad when I was pulling him back out. (he was submerged completely)  I apologized, but Ricardo is just a really nice old man and he just was smiling and laughing about it. I love that man. He felt great about it as well, I was asking him afterward and he said he felt really good as he was coming out of the water. It was a really great day. 

And really I don't have much more to say than that. I talked to you all yesterday. it was great, by the way. I love you all!

Elder BIngham
Baptism pics

Our Skype

saying goodbye to Elder Benitez, who goes home tomorrow

Me and Elder Shields! The first of my future roomates to go home. 


Playing with my selfie stick

The bishop's rock band! He's got the electric guitar

They're jamming in the nursery room. 

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