Monday, March 7, 2016


Hello everyone! 

We had a decent week this week. Not too shabby. It was a little slow, as always, but this week I tried looking for little miracles every day. And this is what happened!

Tuesday: I kind of thought my district meeting was a miracle this week. It wasn't that great, but it was a miracle for me. So this week the meeting was on making committments with our investigators. I chose to take this to a really weird level and relate this whole principle to a rather odd story in the scriptures: When Moses sent all those plagues at Egypt. What? I like to relate things I teach to stories in the scriptures. And this was the best one I found. Moses had to make a direct question to Pharaoh, promise blessings (or plagues in this case), testify, and verify. It was a rather odd relation, but I thought it was a miracle that I was able to relate the story at all. :D

Wednesday: I pulled off my first successful intercambio as district leader. For some reason we do intercambios differently in our mission now, and now all the missionaries go to the area of the leader and do splits instead of changing areas. So me and Elder Levander made a crap load of plans and split up in different parts of the area. Me and my comp Elder Vejar had an interesting experience... We found a taught a Buddhist! There's probably like 150 in Mendoza. Not very many. He was really nice to us... He's really willing to listen but he says he's not going to pray or anything because it's against what he believes, but we just decided to testify to him about how God is literally our loving Father in Heaven, who loves us, and wants the best for us. It was an interesting experience, but one I treasured all the same. 

Thursday: Had a successful ward council meeting. That doesn't happen very often. I think that's a miracle. Nuff said.

Friday: Zone conference! It was really great! Basically what I got from it was a bunch of new ways we can work with the members, and new ideas to help our investigators read and come to church when they don't. And that's like all we need right now! So that was a huge miracle for us. All our leaders came to that meeting with the exact thing we needed in our area. It was cool :)

Saturday: Had a family home evening with an investigator and a family in our ward. We brought Elder Levander's copy of Meet the Mormons and we had a really nice spiritual experience. Even the extremely rebelious daughter of the member who thinks all the movies that the missionaries bring are super boring stayed and watched it with us and liked it. "Kind of liked it..." She said. But it was great all the same

Sunday: Our investigator Maria that we're working so hard with made it to church this week! And that basically topped it all off. And her husband should be able to come next week she says, because he's not working. So... That's cool. 

So that's really all I had to write about... I guess when you have just kind of average weeks you've just got to look for little miracles every day. And then everything's better :) That's my sermon for this week. Love you all :)

Elder Bingham

So for pday today we climbed up Cerro Arco! And it was incredibly cold and it was raining and really fun! We didn't quite make it all the way and it was so cloudy we couldn't see anything, but it was great all the same. 

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