Monday, March 21, 2016


Hello people!

Glad to hear you had a great week. It's crazy that the Provo temple is already dedicated! And congrats to Beccy and Austin on the sealing of Bruce! That's way cool. 

So this week was even better than last one! In my opinion. We just saw all kinds of little miracles again! Let me share. 

So on Tuesday we were planning on dropping some investigators of ours. Their names are Elena and Huberto? I don't know how to write it. We knocked their door awhile ago and they let us in. They're really nice! But like TOO nice. Every time we've gone they start feeding us fruit and Coke and whatever the heck. And they talk a lot. And we have a jolly good time. But they don't really have any intentions of changing religions, they say. They just want to chat and share ideas about our religions. And we can't ever share what we want to share because they talk so much. They're Catholic, of course. So we went there on Tuesday with full intentions of going by quickly and dropping them, explaining why we couldn't keep going by. And we went, but Huberto dragged us in after telling him we had to go in a greet his wife at least. She's blind. So we're like, "ok." And we went in, and they close the door! And they start talking and giving us food like always. And then one thing led to another, and we're talking about something, and then I just felt that I had to change the conversation to the Book of Mormon! And they all of a sudden became way more interested than normal! And so we taught about what the Book of Mormon was, and committed them to reading it. So the Lord had other plans that day. It was cool!

And then Wednesday we had another interesting experience. We found this old guy named Ricardo last week. And we came back this week. Ricardo also talks A LOT. It's a common thing for old people. It's almost impossible to teach him as well. But we went in there and started teaching the Restoration. And sometimes he'd get a little side tracked and start talking about random things. And I started to get frustrated a little bit! It's such a common thing here, for people to get talking about things completely unrelated to what we're teaching and it's impossible to cut them off. But then I just got this impression that everything was fine! I realized that even though he was talking about everything except what we were teaching, he was understanding everything we taught. And he was really receptive. We left the baptismal invitation with him at the end of the lesson and he said he'd be baptized if he received an answer that it was all true. So it turned out great! 

Just all of it came back to our new Easter Initiative we're doing, #Aleluya. Or #Hallelujah in English. The invitation that we're giving to people this Easter is to "Follow Jesus Christ and find a new life." We've been sharing it with about everyone and their dog recently. We went to Ward Council on Thursday night and the bishop asked me to share the spiritual thought, so I just went ahead and shared it with all of the ward council right there. It was great! We're waiting for the references to start pouring in from the members from that. But anyway, it's something I've seen a lot this week. We're trying harder than ever to find people to teach, and we've had a lot of success. I've kind of found a new life in the mission again. We're no longer wandering around aimlessly looking for people anymore, but rather teaching so many people! It's weird how many old people we've found recently, (we're teaching like 7 different old people!) But we've definitely been blessed here recently. And for that, the subject of this email is "Aleluya" this week. So I invite all of you to share this video on Facebook as well! Or whatever. 

Love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Bingham

We're too lazy to get off the floor after praying sometimes.
Wine fountain!

We went out to lunch at this American food restaurant for Elder Cheney's birthday with them
 and Elder Solomon and his comp.
Delicious gigantic hamburgers :)
So after eating with the zone leaders and Elder Solomon and his comp, Elder Romero and Solomon decided they wanted to try the EXTREME hot sauce they used for their spicy wing challenge. They use like a tiny drop of this stuff for each wing mixed with other hot sauce apparently. And they both decided to try the sauce. Poor guys. They about died. 

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