Monday, February 29, 2016

I almost had an hijito

Hi everyone!

Well this week was pretty normal here, to be completely honest. We only had a couple weird things that almost happened to us last Monday. But now it's all back to normal. Here's what happened: 

So. P-day ends last week right? We decided to go bowling as a district. I've done that a lot in my mission I've realized. Whatever. And so we get back to our apartment and we leave right at 6 to go work. We make it about 5 blocks away from the apartment when all of a sudden I get a phone call: PRESIDENT. It's only about the 4th or 5th phone call I've gotten from him in the last week. I'm just thinking "please don't tell me another grandpa died." Fortunately it wasn't that. He was calling with a special assignment for me! So there was this brand new elder in the mission that was having a really hard time getting used to the mission life and everything. He was in San Juan, where it's REALLY hot and I'm pretty sure he was in a pretty poor area. Probably a lot to get used to. And he wanted to go home. He talked to President about it, and President gave him the option of going to another area that has a nicer apartment, nicer area in general, stuff like that. And he told President that he'd go for 2 days and see if it was better. And then President asked me, he's like "So I'm trying to think of kind of nice area with a nice apartment and stuff like that. Do you have any ideas?" And I'm like "Ummm... I don't know President. Maybe Sarmiento would be a good area for this elder." And he's like "That's exactly what I was thinking!" So President was going to send me a little hijo for a couple days. My job was to help him SURVIVE. Yikes! So we went and packed and everything, cause the next day we had to be in the office. I even tried calling all the members I knew to ask them to help this elder feel really welcome and comfortable. And then the next day we went with everything, but unfortunately we were told that this elder no longer wanted to come to Sarmiento with me, he was just going to go home. So... all of that didn't happen. I'm still here with Elder Levander. 

It was a good week though! Hardly ANYTHING happened. But it was great. We spent a lot of time opening the mouth and knocking doors, and we had much more success than I expected or thought we even deserved. Sometimes when your only plans are just knocking doors basically you kind of have a hard time feeling excited. But the Lord blessed us anyway, and this week we've got a lot of future investigators that we're going to visit. We were very blessed. 

So that's about all. I hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Bingham

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