Monday, February 1, 2016

A week of miracles!

Dearest family:

Hey everyone! How's everyone? I personally had a very fantastic week! Let me tell you about it!

So. For starters. Me and Elder Castillo have been making some goals recently to try and make our daily planning more effective, and there's been a big emphasis recently in the mission on making goals that we can actually accomplish and having the faith to do it and stuff. So that was our big focus this week! And let me tell you, it worked really well! We had a MUCH better week than we did last week. Well, last week we weren't in the area, but this week was just one of the best weeks I've had in a long time as far as lessons and stuff goes. We were nearly able to accomplish every one of our goals that we set this week! It was a miracle! Or more like lots of miracles, combined into one giant miracle! I'm now going to tell you about where the majority of our success came from: 

So once upon a time this week we were looking through old investigators, and we found a name that seemed promising. Her name is Laura. She was investigating the chuch about 5 years ago. And we found her again on Tuesday we went and talked to her. Well, she's been through a lot these last few years. She's about 38, and she recently just got out of a rough time with her ex-husband. Apparently she was abused by him a lot while they were together, but now he's been put in prison. Right now she's actually got a permanent guard outside of her house in case the family of her ex comes to avenge him. Hopefully that doesn't happen. But right now the biggest problem for her is that because of all the psychological trauma that came as a result of the abuse she can't have custody of her children. She recently just got certified by a psychologist saying she's now mentally stable, she just has to do some more things and then she can have her kids back. She also has a boyfriend name Juan, and they're both investigating right now. They are both very religious though! They have very strong testimonies of God and know that none of all this was his fault. This week we taught them the Plan of Salvation and The Restoration, and they basically believed all of it already. We invited them to read the Book of Mormon and pray and they're already doing it. It was awesome to be able to find them at such a crucial point in her life! We're hoping to see even more success this week. 

Well, that's about it! This week we get transfer calls again, so I'll let you know what happens! I'm hoping I get to train... It would be cool. Whatever happens though, it'll be great. 

Love you all!

Elder Bingham

I took some pictures finally! Or Elder Castillo did. Here's some!

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