Monday, February 15, 2016


Hi everyone! Thank you guys SO MUCH for all the birthday wishes! Right now I'm having just a splendid day, and I'm really grateful that God has let me live 20 years of my life. But once again, thanks a bunch to everyone who's ever been a part of my life basically these last 2 decades. They've been a riot. I hope all your lives are all great as well. 

So... I'm in another new area! And I'm washing another area! This would be the 4th. So this isn't anything new to me. My new comp Elder Levander and I just got right off the bat this week, and I think I already know how to get my way around the area and basically all the active members in the ward. The ward's called Sarmiento by the way. It's a really small ward, especially compared to my last ward in Lujan. And I'm in the same stake. We probably get a maximum of 50 for attendance every week. But the members here are so great! They're all so ready to help us, we've just got to find some things to do first. The problem is this: Our zone leaders (who were here last transfer) were basically inside the apartment all transfer, because one of them got sick with bronchitis and couldn't leave the pension. Now he's resting up a little bit working as a new office worker. But anyway, they couldn't leave us with very much to do, cause they couldn't do very much. And I'm not complaining. Just stating the fact that now we only have 2 investigators in our area and we don't even know which less-actives to work with. So it's all on us to find new people! And for some reason I'm just WAY excited to do it! I just really want to blow up this area right now, and I really think it can. The members are really great, we just are going to need a little help from them. 

So.... We're trying out some new ideas. Sarmiento is honestly a hard area. It's not a big area, but it's FULL of houses. And it's a really rich part of Mendoza. All the houses here are really nice. And So the people here aren't very humble... And want nothing to do with us when we knock doors. We've almost had 0 success with that. So me and Elder Levander were looking for some ideas during our studies one morning. And we received inspiration from God! And I think it's going to EXPLODE this area! We found it right out of Preach my Gospel. And it's this little activity we can do with members. We help them make a list of people they know that aren't members. It doesn't even matter if they don't think they'll listen to our message, cause we never really know when God is preparing people, right? And he might not even be preparing that person specifically, he could be preparing a friend or neighbor of theirs. So the members make the list, and then they pray to see who on that list is prepared to receive it. And then we go with the member to visit them! We're still in the process of doing it all, so we haven't received a lot of results yet, but the members are all really excited to do it. And so now I'm excited. And I want to BLOW THINGS UP here! 

So that's about it. Elder Levander is way cool. He's from Nebraska. Nobody knows how to say either of our names, even though they aren't very hard to say. Whatever. I'm excited. 


Elder Bingham

Super zone meeting. There were lots of extra people with us that were going to train this transfer that didn't have a place to go before they got their companions, so we had like a double sized zone meeting.
Going to do tracting with all the newbies! It was a blast!
So I found a new hobby, and it's called carving palm tree husks into cool mask things! His name is Paco the Palmera.
Elder Levander
 Epic selfie with all the people we played soccer with in Lujan last week!

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