Monday, February 8, 2016

What a weird week

Well hello everyone! Happy Super Bowl! I'm glad to hear the Broncos won. That's cool. Basically all of us in Lujan were cheering for them. Anyway though, glad to hear everyone's doing great! 

So this week was a little odd. Basically just the transfer calls we got. But I'll get to that. So... Once upon a time I used to live with my companion and 2 other elders in the same apartment. And in a 4 man apartment it can be kind of difficult to do certain things, like find time in the morning to shower without interupting study time. So, President decided that we should change apartments. And me and Elder Castillo found one! And this week we spent much of our time getting all moved in. But not just that. Since we were living with other missionaries before, we shared the fridge and the stove and all the wash buckets and plates and forks and everything else I'm forgetting. And obviously we couldn't take all of that, or else the other elders wouldn't have anything. So we had to spend all of our time this week shopping. And we still don't have a stove. The apartment though is way nice! It's perfect for our area because it's right next to the bus stop, 10 minutes closer to the chapel walking, right in centro Lujan, and it's just a really nice apartment compared to what I've lived in my whole mission. It just doesn't have anything yet. But here's the weird part:

Obviously this apartment was too good for us to have. Cause we're both leaving! WHAT? But we both just got here together! Well, President is changing a lot of things in the mission. He wants all the leaders of the mission to have an area that can show an example to the other missionaries when they come for intercambios. And now the zone leaders are coming to my area. And where am I going? To the zone leader's area. It's like a 15 minute bus ride. And I'm getting a new comp... Elder Levander. He sounds like a cool guy. He's the son of my MTC comp Elder Clarke. Also... President's making me district leader! What? Didn't see that coming. I definitely don't feel qualified. But you know... I guess you never do right? The Lord qualifies who he calls. I'm really sad I'm leaving Lujan/Perdriel. It's a super good ward. But I'm still really close. I'll literally going to Perdriel to do intercambios with the zone leaders, and I'll know the area better than they will. For a while. 

So... That's basically what happened! It's been a kind of humbling few hours. But, we'll see how it goes! I'm really grateful for the new opportunity I have this transfer and I just pray that the Lord will help me be an ok district leader. 

I love you all! Have a great week! And happy Valentines day! :D

Elder Bingham

Our new apartment that we don't get to live in! Hooray!

Super Bowl Sunday. We're wearing our colors.

Look what we found! ANOTHER really gorey dog!

Garlic/onion fields smell really bad.


The Zarate family, that we were lucky enough to say goodbye to just in case we got transfered. 
And we did. They're way awesome.

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