Monday, January 25, 2016

A week spent everywhere except my area

Dearest family....

Well hello! How's everyone? Everything here in Lujan is just the greatest. Let me tell you about it. 

This week was a strange week for us! It's not every week when literally every day is spent somewhere not in your area. Unless you're in the office. I know how that is. But that doesn't mean this week went without learning a thing or two! I actually learned a lot of things this week. Where to start? 

So... obviously Monday was p-day. So we spent not very much time in our area that day. 

On Tuesday we had interviews with President! So we made the hour bus trip to the office in the early afternoon, and we were there from 2-6:30ish. Some people had some really long interviews. But they were great interviews! Hermana Goates talked to all of us about making better goals so that we can accomplish them better, something the mission has kind of struggled with recently. And she also talked to us about things we can do to change the culture of our mission, to make it the best mission in the world! :D And then I had a great interview with President. Nice and short, he basically just asked me about my experience reading the Book of Mormon this last year, and how I'm going with the challenge he's given us as a mission, which was to write down 5 blessings we receive every day. It's really been cool so far, as I've done it I've found a lot of things that I didn't know I was grateful for before! But that was that day... We got back at around 7:30 and couldn't do much after that. 

On Wednesday was the worldwide missionary training! Also, I randomly got really sick! Blech. That morning I woke up feeling like poop, and then we had to come to the office again to watch the broadcast. It was great! Got to hear the apostles talk about the doctrine of Christ and our purpose as missionaries. But the whole time I was trying to put up with the gigantic headache I had and the urge I had to throw up. It was awful. I felt SO bad, that when we finally made it back to the pension at 5:30ish I just had to stay in bed. We then figured out I had a fever! Being sick stinks. 

Fortunately on Thursday I felt better. But, once again I wasn't in the area the whole day. Cause once upon a time I need new shoe inserts/insoles cause mine are really destroyed. So I went to a foot-doctor appointment in centro so they could measure my feet and make the insoles for me. And that took all day cause the first doctor I went to made me go to another doctor and the other doctor was closing for the ciesta. So we had to go back 4 hours later for the appointment. Grrr. 

And on Friday/Saturday we had intercambios! But our intercambios are weird now. For some reason our mission just changed the way we do intercambios. Now both missionaries go to the area of the district leader and do splits instead of just changing areas. Apparently the area of the district leader has to be "an example" and so now we all go over there. It's kind of weird. But hey, it was great! Lately I've felt kind of stressed that there's lots of things that I have to get better at like RIGHT NOW. And I've been kind of stressed about it, and I don't know why. But Elder Solomon (my district leader) helped me realize that I obviously can't improve all those things at the same time, so I need to just focus on one thing and work on that. We both learned a lot from each other and it was a great intercambio! 

So all in all, this week was hardly ever spent in the area. We came out of the week with just 1 lesson with a less active! Almost less than what I usually got in the office. But hey, this week I think we should be in the area every day, so we're looking forward to applying what we learned this week so that we have a killer week this week! I'll let you know how it goes. Love you all! And sorry for the really long letter. 

Elder Bingham

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