Monday, January 4, 2016

A Happy New Year!

Well hello everyone, and Happy New Year! And Merry Christmas as well, for those who I didn't talk to on Christmas. I hope the holiday seasons were just splendid and full of snow and fun. So we're in 2016! That means I come home this year! That's all I'm going to say about that, cause it's really bizarre. Anyway, I feel like I've got a LOT to write this week cause I haven't written for 2 weeks! I'm not a huge fan of how we decided to do p-days for the holidays this year, cause I haven't gotten to write anyone in forever, but it's fine. I'm here now, so I'm happy. 

So... New transfer calls! And I was kind of expecting it, but Elder Gray left me here. He took off to San Juan, poor guy. It's really hot there right now. It's really hot here right now! And humid for some reason, it's weird. But I've got a new comp now, his name is Elder Castillo. He's from Trujillo Peru, but he moved to Buenos Aires about 6 years ago. He's got almost 5 months in the mission. And we're both basically brand new to the area! I was here for about a week before he got here, but due to all the craziness of the holidays and only being able to go out and work a few days that week I don't know the area hardly at all. So we're basically washing here. We're going about a little bit lost. But it's cool!

It's actually really amazing to see how much the Lord has helped us here in just our first week together, completely new to the area. I kind of didn't expect to find very many people to teach this week, because we're new and we don't know very many of the people that the other Elders were teaching before. I know a couple, but just that many. But we ended the week teaching 6 less active families, finding 4 new investigators, 2 lessons with members, and getting to know a whole bunch of other members! I was really surprised how this week turned out. God clearly blessed us. I highly doubt we would have been able to find so many people without his help. 

Fun fact: I'm learning Portuguese! :D Elder Castillo learned a little bit of Portuguese while he was in the MTC because his entire group was basically Brazilians. And ever since I've started being able to speak Spanish I've wanted to learn Portuguese as well, cause they're almost the same. So here's my chance! I now basically know how to read it already, so I'm reading O Livro de Mormòn, or the Book of Mormon in Portuguese. It's really fun! Portugese sounds weird. I'm teaching him English as well, because he wants to live in the States when he goes home. He's got an uncle there that's invited him if he learns English. And I'm his first gringo comp. So we're getting along just great. 

So all in all, it's really awesome to be out here in the field! I kind of feel bad for Elder Oveson, my financiero replacement. All these new governmental changes and inflation are really making his job a lot harder than it was for me. Plus I left him early. It's crazy here... I hope he's doing alright. 

I think that's all I feel like writing this week... That's really all the important stuff that happened. I hope you all have a great week, even though the holidays are over. Love you guys!

Elder Bingham

Happy new year! We went and watched the fireworks on our roof. My firework setting on my camara actually got some pretty cool pics!

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