Monday, January 18, 2016

God has a sense of humor

Hi everyone!

This week was pretty normal. Elder Castillo and I have basically gotten to know the whole area now. I think. I'm pretty sure we know about all the members and less-actives and investigators that live here. I hope. The good news is, there's a lot of them! So that's why it's taken us 3 weeks to do it all. But it's been fun! The members have been really helpful to us and have shown us literally EVERYONE that the missionaries were teaching before we got here. Which brings me to my subject line! FUNNY STORY! 

So. On... Saturday? Yes. Saturday. We were having a very slow evening. There was really no one to visit in the moment. That evening we were working in the tiny part of Lujan that we have in our area. (The other elders in our ward have the rest of Lujan, we have this other city that's part of the ward called Perdriel.) So we just were working in this tiny part of Lujan and there wasn't a whole lot of people to visit, so we were doing a lot of street-contacting and knocking doors. And I just wanted to find somebody. And then something funny happened! I had to POOP! What?Yes! I had to poop. So we got thinking. It was about a 30 minute walk to the pension, or a 15 minute walk to the chapel. So then I had a stroke of genius, and I was like "Let's go to the chapel!" Cause it's closer obviously. Plus we really wanted to talk to a recent convert that lives really close to the chapel that is really good friends with some of our best investigators! So we wanted to also make an appointment to go with her on the way to the chapel to poop. 

So, we made it to the house of Franca, the recent convert. And we did what we went there for. We should be going with her one of these days this week. And she gave us a reference! Wahoo! Bonus! And then we went to the chapel. I did my business, and we were about to leave when some members walked in. They were there to finish up cleaning the chapel for Sunday. And so they asked us if we could help them put up the chairs in the chapel so they could sweep. We're like, "Okay!" And so we did. And what do we get for a reward? 3 MORE REFERENCES! It was like Christmas! All because I randomly had to poop! So that was a really good day. I call it a miracle. Also, returning to the subject line, God is really funny sometimes. 

So, when in need of a miracle, just poop! That's probably terrible advice. But hey, that's what happened. We're definitely going to be contacting those people this week. And hopefully we see more progress with our investigators this week. This week we didn't have a whole lot of contact with them for some reason. But this week we will! I love you all! And I'll let you know what happens this week! 

Elder Bingham

More fun with my new selfie stick. That's basically all for this week. 

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