Monday, December 21, 2015

I'm back in the field!

Dear family: 

I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT PEOPLE HAVE SEEN STARWARS ALREADY! I'm just here in Argentina wondering what the heck is going on. I have many ganas to see it. I'm going to make one rule though: ABSOLUTELY NO SPOILERS FROM ANYBODY. I can't know anything. Anyway though, how were your weeks? Everyone's on Christmas break now I guess! That's exciting. I think we've almost got our skype worked out here... I think I'm going to try and skype you guys at around 1 o'clock here which should be about 9 over there. So... I'm excited to see you guys! I'll talk to ya'll on Friday. 

So this week was very interesting! I don't know if everyone knows yet but I am officially back out in the mission field again! I got special transferred out of the office. There's been a lot of missionaries that have gone home this transfer, so President Goates needed some extra missionaries in the field. Me and Elder Benedict have gotten basically everything taught to our hijos, so President pulled us out early. I was kind of really sad and really excited at the same time. It stinks because now I don't get to spend Christmas in the office, which was going to be super dope. I was going to be in a pension with 8 other guys hanging out on Christmas, we were going to go eat breakfast at President's house, and I had the office to do my skype. Well, not anymore. But it's kind of cool being out of the office! It's kind of like starting the mission all over again except you don't have 2 years left to go and you already know the language. So you're just left with all the excitement in the world! It's brilliant!

So to tell you guys about the area: I'm in this barrio in Lujan de Cuyo. It's still in Godoy Cruz, so I'm in the same stake as before. It's a little far away, but I'm still close. I'm in an apartment with 3 other elders. My comp is Elder Gray, who has 19 months in the mission, and he's from New Hampshire. I'm filling in for his comp that just went home early. Then there's Elder Lillie and Elder Johnson, who have the other half of the area. They basically have all of Lujan itself, while me and Elder Gray have a little tiny part and this other part that's really far away called Perdriel that we have to always take a bus to. It's a super great ward though. It's probably one of the largest wards in the mission, about 100ish people. I think I'm going to enjoy this area a lot. We've got a decent amount of people to teach right now even, so we're pretty good. 

So I should still be spending Christmas pretty well! Tomorrow we've got our mission christmas party, and I'm going to be with at least more than just my companion on Christmas, so we should have fun. Plus (this is for Dad) Elder Gray has his own Dominion cards, so I think we'll be playing that on Christmas when we can't leave the pension :D

Basically, I'm just way happy to be out in the field again! Christmas miracles people! I'll talk to you all soon!

Elder Bingham

Here's our Harry Potter closet. Luckily nobody lived in here, cause it smells awful and there's obviously no room for a bed. But I have showered, pooped, and shaved all at the same time in there. Quite a feat

I doubt any of you have ever seen a man carrying meat on a bicycle before like this.

This picture is pretty much the coolest picture I've ever seen with the two coolest people ever. 

Best of luck to our hijo. We actually aren't sure who was the mother, 
because they were both my comp right before my hijo came. 

Things I had to take pictures of: Our pension. We have this giant collection of cereal boxes. One time I was asked a very thoughtful question: Would I rather be able to Skype my family 3 times a year instead of 2? Or have all those cereal boxes be full right that moment? I'll be honest... I answered the latter. 

Just the kind of cash I'm whipping out to pay for the Christmas party. Not a huge deal. 

I think I found a picture of our mission president! His name's Kevin as well! :D 
Well, it's actually just a brand of cologne down here. Kevin. 

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