Monday, January 5, 2015

The holiday chaos is over!

Hola familia! Another good week here, for the most part. Mostly I'm just glad that New Year's is finally over. Holidays here are ridiculous. I think I will mostly hate them when I get home actually. But Happy New Year anyways! Sounded pretty spanking awesome with that Hobbit marathon and all. Even if there were way too many ridiculous Legolas moments. And thank you for the letters siblings! I was glad to hear from you, and I should have time today to send you a personal reply. Usually I'm like loaded with emails and don't have time to get to everybody, but today I should be able to. Mom, I haven't gotten the calendar yet. Hopefully on tuesday when we have zone meeting I'll be able to check. 

So this week was mostly good. As I said before, I'm just glad the holiday chaos is over. It made it difficult to do things this week. For example: on New Years Eve we had permission to proselyte all day and stuff, but EVERYONE was too busy to talk to us. They had to get all their empanadas made and stuff. I guess. So we walked all around town all day and I don't even think we got any lessons. At least we got to celebrate that night. We went over to one of the members' houses and got to stay out until like 11:30 again. We played a lot of soccer with their kids and ate empanadas and pizza and stuff like that. I've sort of kind of got pictures... But they aren't that good. Unfortunately. It was fun! And the next day we had to stay in the pension all day. We just played card games and cleaned inside and outside of the pension and stuff. But... I'm glad it's over. 

I was glad that we did squeeze in a couple good lessons at least this week though. We got another great lesson with our less-active Cesar again that I told you about last week. I really believe he'll start coming back to church. And haha we're really hoping that when he does come back to church he'll hook up with one of the older single returned missionary girls that we've got in the ward! That's honestly something we take for granted in Utah. That we've got so many Mormons to choose from for who we want to marry! But here they get like 0-1 or 2 options if they want to marry inside of the church, or they just have to hope that whoever they marry will get baptized some day. It's kind of sad. 

We also had kind of a miracle this week. About a month ago we found this family through street contacting and gave them a pamphlet on the plan of salvation to read, and maybe a week or so later we went by and the wife said her husband read it and he felt something really good when he read it! Like the spirit! But we still hadn't had a lesson with them because they were either never there or the husband was never there. Finally on Sunday we found them all at their house and we were able to have a first lesson with them! So wahoo! Guess you just have to be persistent. 

That's it for this week! I'm hoping this next week will be slightly more normal.
Talk to ya'll next week!

Elder Bingham
Playing soccer! These kids might be my favorite in the ward. 
Later this game of soccer really just turned into keep-away, which is what this picture was.

New years eve party! Lots of food with lots of people and stuff. It was pretty fun.

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